Why Nursing

            My desire to work in the health care profession all started when I broke my arm in the fourth grade. I was told that I needed to be taken into surgery, and quickly I went into a panic attack. As I laid on the surgical table my anesthesiologist calmed me down and soon had me laughing before my surgery. From that day forward I knew that I wanted to help people in their time of need.
 I was involved with many extracurricular activities with strong leadership roles. I was the president of the student council, vice president of the student government, captain of the volleyball team, and I assisted in community events including: food drives, blood drives, and Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk’s. I also had the opportunity to volunteer on the Oliver County Ambulance as an Emergency Medical Responder. I was allowed a unique experience being a young member of the ambulance squad. It deepened my desire to pursue a career in the medical field. Through this volunteering experience I gained knowledge to remain calm in high stress circumstances, had hands on experience, and allowed me to improve my leadership skills.
             Most of my working experience has come from being a server at several restaurants. Although, a restaurant differs from the medical environment, I also believe it has a lot of similarities. As a server, I have multiple guests that all have different wants and needs. I must mentally organize and make a list of importance of what needs to be done in a short period of time, much like those in the medical field. Through my experiences of work and volunteering I have been exposed to a diverse population of individuals. I believe these encounters have positively influenced my communication skills, and have helped me be more receptive to situations I will encounter.
            It wasn’t until my second semester at North Dakota State University that I decided nursing was the right path for me. Every nurse that I have come in contact with has truly made a big impression on my life, and I admire their hard work and dedication to their career and patients. I know I have the qualities to become one of those caring nurses that made such a great influence on my life. I have a strong desire to help others and I also have the drive to pursue this dream.
            Last fall I applied for a position to work at a local children’s hospital as a nurse assistant. Through this experience I have felt heart break, seen the joy and pain of my patients, and have gone home every day feeling like I have left the world a better place than it was the previous day. I believe that if you choose a career you’re passionate about work won’t seem like “work.” This is nursing for me. Hopefully, I will soon be Siam Simpfenderfer, RN BSN.

Forever and Always,
Siam Simpfenderfer
Miss North Dakota International 2017

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