Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break, Macy Rae Day & MN International Pageants

One of my favorite things to do is to travel, and so I was a little sad that this year was my first spring break that I have not spent traveling! In my first three years of college, I traveled to Chicago, Boise, and Mexico during my spring break weeks. This year, I decided to stay put. With trips coming up to Las Vegas for my sister’s wedding, Dothan, Alabama for the International Pageant trunk show, and Guatemala in May, I figured I needed a week at home to catch up on everything in my life- school, pageant things, but mostly, on sleep!

I started off my spring break my hosting my big sister Emily’s bridal shower- it was a success! My twin sister Taryn, sister-in-law Mary Beth, and I planned a coffee themed shower for Emily, as that is one of her favorite things in life (her fiancĂ©’s too)! I hope she really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle in less than a week! Eeek!


To end my spring break, I had a busy weekend of appearances! Our fellow 2013 contestant, Tammy DeSautel, invited the 2013 ND International queens to attend Macy Rae Day. Tammy has planned this day for the last couple of years to celebrate her daughter Macy’s birthday. Before Jen and I arrived, the group put together goody bags that would be delivered to the kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital here in Fargo. Once we got there, Jen and I had a great time taking photos with Macy and her friends, as well as helping them to decorate some crowns!

After we were done with Macy Rae Day, Jen and I quick picked our director Kathy up and headed off to Saint Cloud for the Minnesota International Pageant! I had so much fun attending the pageant! It was a little weird for me, though, as I had never been in the audience for an International Pageant- I have always been competing! It was so nice to see my old friends from Minnesota that I have met through the International Pageant, and to meet new ones! Congrats to the new Minnesota International Queens for 2013- Megan, Charity, and Andrea! I am looking to spending time with you ladies at nationals!

MN Pageant.jpg
Xoxo, Taylor

Now is the time. Needs are great. But your possibilities are greater.”  ~Bill Blackman

Let’s face it, any help I can get preparing for July is absolutely priceless! Brandi Schoenberg came through Fargo and this was such a wonderful opportunity to work on walking and posing with her. She has brilliant stage presence and is so patient! She helped me add just a few things in to perfect my walking and posing to suit ME! I love that there isn’t just one cookie cutter type pattern that each person has to conform to. This was just one more piece of the puzzle that will help me so much! Thanks Brandi!


Jennifer Mauch
Mrs. ND International 2013

To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all - but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing. ~Abraham Lincoln 

Where did March go??? Toward the middle of the month it seems we ran from one event to the next! It was an absolutely crazy, yet unbelievable weekends filled with more fun memories!

My oldest daughter Ally competed with her Hankinson Just for Kix group in Wahpeton and they took 3rd place! These little dancers were so much fun to watch and as a parent it is one of the best feelings to watch your daughter learn and grow in this sport, and to learn the concept of ‘team’.


Next Ally and I went to Fargo and with my ‘new sister’ Taylor, we joined another dear friend of mine for her daughter’s birthday celebration. We took part in the 3rd annual Macy Rae Day with a wonderful group of youth and dedicated adult mentors to celebrate Macy’s birthday! The guest of honor, Macy, looked absolutely beautiful and her parents couldn’t have been more proud! These children filled goodie bags for kids at the Ronald McDonald House and Sanford Childrens’ Hospital prior to our arrival. We then helped them feel decorate their own crowns and were able to visit with them a bit before we had to depart for our next activity!

My daughter Ally, Taylor, and I picked up one of our fabulous directors, Kathy and traveled to St. Cloud for the Minnesota International Pageant. For once the weather and roads were excellent! This was such a great opportunity to sit and observe the pageant and visit with the queens once again! We had a great time and stayed in some pretty deluxe accommodations that night before heading home on Sunday! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ending Heart Month with a bang…

Wow! I cannot believe it is already March! Time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

At the end of February I was invited to give a couple of presentations about being heart healthy at my old elementary and middle schools in Lisbon, North Dakota. It was a great way to end American Heart Month. Going back to my old schools was so nostalgic! I felt like such a giant walking through those halls as an adult.

I was able to give presentations to classes of 1st graders, 3rd graders, and 6th graders. All of the groups of kids were so great, and they asked such awesome questions! Altogether, I was able to speak to around 80 kids about how to be heart healthy! We talked about eating healthy and exercising, as well as staying FAR away from tobacco products!

"The 1st graders (top) and 3rd graders (bottom) and I after I gave my presentations."

A special thanks to Mrs. Meckle, the principal of both Lisbon Elementary and Lisbon Middle Schools, for helping me to set this up, as well as to the teachers who allowed me to come into their classrooms- Mrs. Wangler, Mrs. Rolf, and Mrs. Roth.

Since I was in elementary school in Lisbon, I have always remembered celebrating Heart Month. We did everything from wearing red and raising money to participating in Jump Rope for Heart. Since I knew Lisbon Public Schools already celebrated it, I thought it would be cool to get them even more involved. After e-mailing Mrs. Meckle about a couple of my ideas, she set up a contest between the elementary classrooms to see who could raise the most money for the American Heart Association. Together, the entire elementary school raised $297.00! Way to go! One of the classrooms that I gave a presentation to, Mrs. Wangler’s class (3rd grade), won the contest! Congratulations to them for raising $51.00! We celebrated their awesome efforts with root beer floats after my presentation.

Next week, I will be back in Lisbon, this time to give a presentation to the 8th grade health class about being heart healthy. This presentation will be especially important to me, as a former teacher and coach of mine, Mr. Joe Howell, teaches it. Mr. Howell underwent emergency surgery at the end of January after having a massive aortic dissection. Mr. Howell is a pillar of the Lisbon community, I am so proud of my hometown for rallying around him during his time of need. Mr. Kasey Bitz is currently teaching his class while Mr. Howell is recovering and healing. Mr. Bitz and I are excited to bring this message to the kids in honor of Mr. Howell! #yowzerstrong

Xoxo, Taylor

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heart Month Recap....

 I am going to open with a quote I came across recently from the amazing and inspirational Suzy Boots: 
“When we try to climb mountains one step at a time, we learn what obstacles await us and how we can step around them rather than having to go through them. Enjoy your steps and realize that pausing to take your breath or standing back up again when we fall is all part of the journey.”

I am having such a hard time believing that February has come and is gone! It has been such an amazing whirlwind of a month! The other queens and I were able to take part in the American Heart Association Heart Ball at the beginning of the month. We spent a good part of the day together prior to the Heart Ball greeting and bringing some smiles to the amazing kids in the Sanford Children's Hospital in Fargo, getting our hair done, and then to the ball (sounds so 'Cinderalla-like'!). The Heart Ball is a wonderful fund-raising event for the American Heart Association and it was wonderful to take part in such an amazing event where people opened up their hearts and their checkbook to help this amazing organization! 

I was also invited to speak at other community events in the month of February to really drive home the importance of heart health and the role that tobacco plays into heart disease. What a blessing it has been to share in this message and to help promote the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women!  


In this part of the region, the weather has not been terribly kind to us! So when we planned on leaving for Bismarck the night before our scheduled day at the Capitol with the American Heart Association and we had such a bad storm that roads were closed, I was so disappointed! Even before the state International pageant, once I heard about spending a day at the North Dakota Capitol, I hoped I would be able to take part in it! But persistence, patience, and prayer prevailed!! I got to Fargo and picked my sister queen, Taylor, up and we headed out on our adventure. The driving was not great but I was in great company! Part of this journey is just getting to meet and know some pretty amazing people. We were able to stay with Taylor's sister in Bismarck, and after a short night of sleep and then having to push my car out (as I got stuck in the snow!) we headed to the Capitol. We were greeted by the wonderful people who work for and with the American Heart Association. Most of the day we spent visiting with Legislators and other key folks who work at the Capitol. We were able to meet Governor Jack Dalrymple, visit with Erv Inniger, not only the winningest men's basketball coach in North Dakota State history, but also a heart attack survivor, serve chili to the Legislators and others, and meet Dr. Haldis, an Interventional Cardiologist from Sanford Health. We had posed by photo at the Heart Ball so it made us laugh when he arrived at the Capitol and recognized us! We took part in the House session that afternoon and then headed home. This was such a great experience, meeting some of the amazing men and women who are making history and we were able to be a part of it! Thank you Kathy and Allison, The International Pageant System, and The American Heart Association, for this incredible opportunity! 

Jennifer Mauch
Mrs. ND International, 2013