Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twins Caravan at Giants Snacks!

I was blessed to be a part of the Minnesota Twins Caravan held at Giants in Wahpeton, ND. I had the opportunity to speak a bit about my experience with the ND International pageant and then about my platform. Then I was able to listen to the Minnesota Twins members as they answered several questions from the audience. Several students from schools in Wahpeton were in attendance and were the most memorable audience for me personally as I went to greet them. They all wanted hugs, and I love hugs!! 

Mrs. ND International 2013

Christmas Events!

So many events to write about! We had several Christmas events with family and friends over the season and just finished up one last family Christmas a few weeks ago! I was able to make an appearance and visit with members of the community on Christmas Day at Faith Church in Wahpeton, ND as families and friends gathered for an amazing Christmas feast. I got to visit with many of the volunteers there, the pastor of the church, and some kids who of course thought I was a princess with my crown on. :) There is nothing more meaningful on Christmas than giving of time and bringing smiles to people's faces. 
One of the photos is me with a few of my special cousins at our last Christmas celebration. We had a fun family time and we all even watched the pageant video. 

Mrs. ND International 2013

Senior Year

Senior year seems to be just flying by. I remember being a freshman and being told time after time how fast high school goes, but looking at a fully loaded four year high school plan, it was hard to grasp. With four months left of senior year, I can hardly believe that come August I won't be walking through the doors of Red River High School again. 

The search for the right college is officially on, and has been since September! This past month my Mom took me to Palm Beach Florida where we toured Palm Beach Atlantic University. Ever since sixth grade I always saw myself going far away for college. Don't get me wrong, I know how much I'll miss my family, but how fun to start an entirely new adventure?!  The first morning in Florida, my Mom and I could hardly wait to go to the beach and walk the sandy shore, as we were walking into the sunrise I found this beautiful seashell that was pink, yellow, red, and orange. It was so different compared to all the rest of the other plain white ones, so I picked it up. As I picked it up to look at the underside, I was shocked to see two claws come out, it was a living hermit crab! No wonder it was so unique ;) Not only was it great to spend time at the beach, but it was so awesome that my Mom and I got to spend so much quality time together. The college search is still on!

Miss Teen North Dakota International 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bison Pride!!!

For the second year in a row, I had the opportunity to start my new year off by traveling to Frisco, Texas to watch my school, North Dakota State University, play in the FCS national championship football game! I absolutely love road trips, and so I was not worried at all about the 18-hour ride. My family and I, along with a bunch of close friends, took a 20-passenger bus all the way from my hometown of Lisbon, North Dakota to Frisco. It was such a fun ride, with lots of great memories made. The weekend was made one for the history books when the NDSU Bison Football Team won their second consecutive FCS national championship, with an impressive 39-13 win! Congrats to the team- I am so proud to be a part of BisoNation!

After arriving home from the trip, I hit the ground running with the new semester of school starting, going to appointments and meetings for Miss North Dakota International, and celebrating my 22nd birthday! The bad road conditions kept me away from my twin sister on our birthday (the first time we have ever spent our birthday apart!), but I still had a great day!

Getting back into the swing of school is hard each semester, but having Miss North Dakota International 2013 events or meetings every week really motivates me to keep up with my schoolwork (time management skills are a MUST!). One of my favorite opportunities so far in January was to visit a sponsor of the ND International Pageants, West 13th Salon. Throughout my year, I have the pleasure of working with Janelle from West 13th. I first met Janelle for a consult, where we discussed possible ideas for my hair. I loved her vision from the start, and it was so exciting to see it come to life at our next appointment. The changes are subtle and look fantastic! Thank you so much Janelle and West 13th Salon!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2013! I made a list of resolutions for myself, and one of my biggest ones is to try new things, go new places, and to step outside of my comfort zone a bit more!

Happy New Year!

Xoxo, Taylor Wagner
Miss North Dakota International 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Fun!

Wow! I can hardly believe the holidays are over! This holiday season was filled with many memories this past year that I will never forget! Both of my sisters this Christmas were home, and waking up on Christmas morning took me back to when we were all three little girls, living under the same roof. It's just crazy how fast time goes!

        December was such a busy month filled with great friends, great family, and great memories! Before Christmas break began, I celebrated my birthday on December 19th! My mom, Susie, and my big sister, Annie took a few friends of mine and I out for a special lunch! Once break began, I headed up to Walhalla to go snowboarding with my cousin, Tess. Considering I hadn't gone in about five years, it was very interesting, and quite entertaining. Our goal to conquer by the end of the afternoon was to go off of the railing jump, even though it was a slow approach and ended with slipping off the side, we counted it. Hey, it's the effort that counts!

        On Christmas Eve, my extended family came over to my family's house. It was a total fun-filled day with lots of great food, fun traditional games, and reminiscing. Tess and I joked about how we'll always be at the "kid table". Haha! Us two being the youngest, we thought it was funny. :) One of my favorite things to do on Christmas is to cram everyone around the whole table and just talk. It's the one time of year when everyone is home and we definitely don't take it for granted! Every holiday we have this one dice game that we always play! It's called Left, Right, Center. It's an easy game that involves a cash pot, so everybody loves to play! This year we played a new game that a couple of the college kids brought home to share. We called it the "couch game" because the point of the game is to get four people of the same sex on the couch. The hard part is that it's a memory game, and if you get distracted with a conversation, one of the cute little grandchildren, or your phone and your name was called it was really tough to retract every move!

        On New Years Eve, all the cousins and significant others gathered at my aunt Sandy's house and had an absolute blast. It never fails that when we get together we always have tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard! We played a few games and watched the ball drop in New York City! Watching the ball drop on New Years Eve has been a tradition since as early as I can remember. Every year when I was little I would spend the night at my Grandma Christine's house and drink sparkling grape juice. :) And last year I was lucky to have seen it in person, but that's a whole other story! At the cousin party we played Quelf and Catchphrase, and when all the parents got home we again pulled out the dice to play Left, Right, Center! To say the least, my family and I all had a really great holiday season. Have a happy New Year!!!

Birthday Brunch!!

Grandma Christine

XoXo, Grace Sproule

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Fun

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season. I had such a wonderful Christmas with my family! One of my favorite things about the Holidays is family traditions! I will share a couple of my favorite family traditions with you all!

I spent Christmas Eve at my dad’s house- it was a fun day of eating, trading gifts, and of course, playing the annual dice game! This game consists of two rounds- in the first round, we go around the circle rolling two dice. If you roll doubles, you get to select a present from the middle of the circle. Once all of the presents are gone, the second round starts. This round is timed, and if you roll doubles, you get to steal a present from anyone.

It’s a really fun game, and it gets pretty intense with my competitive family! After the game is over, we open all of the presents. This is the fun part, as we play with a lot of silly gifts. One year, the present that everyone seemed to be after ended up being a set of Thanksgiving meal flavored sodas! We have been playing this game every Christmas Eve for the past seven years, and it has become one of my favorite traditions.

I spent Christmas Day at my mom’s house- another wonderful day! It started with my little brothers coming into my room to wake me up- they were so anxious to see what Santa had brought them! After opening gifts was another favorite tradition of mine- Christmas morning brunch! Since I can remember, my mom has always made monkey bread (my favorite!) and egg bake on Christmas morning. We also had a delicious Christmas dinner that night, where we sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus before we ate.

The rest of my Christmas break from school has been so fun and relaxing. One of the highlights for me was Saturday, December 29. I traveled to Grand Forks with my directors Kathy & Allison, my sister queens Grace & Jen, and Allison’s son Jackson, to visit one of our sponsor’s, Tres Chic. I was so excited to finally be reunited with my sister queens! Tres Chic is such a beautiful store, with even more beautiful dresses! Jen, Grace & I spent the afternoon trying on tons of gorgeous dresses with the help of the owner Katie and her assistant Courtney. I felt like a little girl playing dress up- it was so fun! Katie is so sweet and she really knows her stuff! Thank you so much Tres Chic!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Taylor Wagner
Miss North Dakota International 2013

The Magic of the Christmas!

Christmas is a time to open our hearts to God and his gifts. Just like the rest of the year. ~Author Unknown
Christmas is such a magical time of year. Enjoying the season and seeing the excitement on my kids' faces with each new exciting moment is priceless!
People seem more kind this time of year. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, we must all remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. We have a very special birthday to celebrate....the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
There have been many exciting moments and miracles this Holiday season and I believe that these miracles can happen all year long if we just believe. 
I was blessed to spend the day with friends and family baking cookies,  sit with Santa and Mrs. Claus, ring the bell for the Salvation Army with my little friend Alivia, and be a special guest on the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train as it rolled into Hankinson. 
It has already been a beautiful season and I can hardly wait to see what 2013 has in store! God bless and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!