Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I was home a couple weekends ago, and when I looked in the back of my closet I saw a project I made about 5 years ago. The project was to create a vision board of the goals you wanted to accomplish in your life. I loved every minute of the project, and I had a great time presenting it. I knew that I wanted to keep it so that I could look back from time to time to see how I was doing on accomplishing the goals I had set out for. 
Well, I am well on my way to accomplishing my entire vision board. On the front, I used pictures to represent me graduating as a nurse and working in a hospital. I will graduate this May with my BSN, and I currently work in a hospital for my nursing internship. Next to this, I have pictures that represent me getting married and having children. Although this is not close to happening, I know that in the future it will! When you open up my board,on the left it shows me having the vehicle I have always wanted and house when I get married. I also have pictures that represent dancing. I grew up in a small town, and dance was not offered.  I had always wanted to learn how to be a ballet dancer and so two years ago I signed up for classes. It was an amazing summer and I loved every second dancing at the studio. I even made the try outs for the Nutcracker, but I could not make the time commitment due to school. It was an amazing feeling to have that crossed off my goal list! On the right side of my board it shows me traveling all over the world. I love traveling and I can’t wait to accomplish this goal of going to places overseas.
The middle of my board is something very amazing to me. There is giant glittered crown and it says Miss North Dakota!  I think it is so amazing that I have been able to finally meet my goal and dream of becoming Miss North Dakota.I am running for Miss International and it is my dream and goal to become Miss International 2012!  I also have the ALS Association trademark, and it was a goal to work with them and raise money. I have been working very closely with them this past year and it has been such a blessing! I also have my favorite saying on my board as well as words such as a “positive role model” which I know I have been!   
              I created this board FIVE years ago, and I cannot describe to you how I feel when I look at it knowing I have done so much what I set out to do! I know my goals and my dreams and I don’t let anything or anyone stop me from accomplishing them. As I make my final preparations for nationals I am going into it with no regrets! This is it! This is one of my biggest dreams and I don’t want to look back thinking I should have done something different or better. I am putting 110% into it, and I know that I will do my best! My advice to you is to make a vision board and put everything down on it that you want to accomplish in your life! It will be great when you look back on it and see what you have accomplished.
With love,
Miss North Dakota International
Erica Lemna


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Fun With My Family!!!

Last Thursday I packed my bags and headed to the lake in Minnesota with my family. It was absolutely beautiful when we arrived. My grandma owns a lake cabin that is surrounded by the cabins of aunts, uncles and other family that when we go for the weekend it is like a mini family reunion!  It is so relaxing being at the lake, and spending time with my family is the best feeling ever. My brother, dad, and I spent all day Friday fishing, swimming, and relaxing out on the lake.  Saturday we spent time out on the water and played cards.  We have a lot of card players in my family with the games of choice being Blitz and Nickels. A few of us ventured out from the card playing to start a game of croquet. My brother ended up winning and he was having a good time rubbing it in our faces. Every night at the lake we ALWAYS have huge suppers! It is crazy, but with all the family that comes down it is needed. We stayed up late Saturday night talking and playing Blitz and on Sunday we went out on the lake again. The weather was a little cooler than the previous days, but it was still nice. Before we left, my brother, his girlfriend, dad, cousin, and I went out to eat at Zorbaz, a pizza and Mexican restaurant. It is a place we go to every time we are down at the lake. We just have so much fun there and the food is really good.  It was a wonderful weekend with my family and I can’t wait to do it again!

With Father’s Day around the corner, my advice is to let your dad, or father figure in your life, know how important he is to you all week!  My dad has done so much for me and has given me more than I could ever ask for. He is someone I call every day for advice, and he is always there for me! I know that for me, it will take more than just one day to show him how much he means to me. 

Love always,
Miss North Dakota International
Erica Lemna

Thursday, June 7, 2012

North Dakota Special Olympics

WOW! The time has flown by these last couple weeks! I have been busy with my new job, and am just now starting to get settled into my night schedule! Let me tell you, it is very different being awake all night and trying to sleep during the day. I love every minute of it though! I was also able to make it home for a couple days and got to see my godchild, and boy has she grown. I wish I could see her every week, but hopefully since it is summer I will get to see her more. 

This past weekend Ashley, Mrs. North Dakota, and I got to be a part of the North Dakota Special Olympic games. We had the honor of giving all the athletes their awards after they did their event. It was such a rewarding experience and the athletes were so excited to see us! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it was to see their faces light up when we gave them their awards. It was a beautiful day outside and Ashley and I were so blessed to take part in such an amazing event. Some members from the NDSU football team helped out in the morning and we got a photo with them, which was fun. After the Special Olympics, Ashley picked me up later that night and we went to Olivia, Miss Teen North Dakota’s, graduation party. We are so proud of her, and it was a great night!

Just this past Monday, I went with one of my state directors, Kathy, to Hawley Minnesota. We were judges for the Miss Hawley Pageant. It was such a great experience to be on the other side of things. Usually, I am the one competing in pageants but this time I was the one judging the contestants. The young women were all beautiful and it was tough competition but a fun day to be involved in! 

My advice for the week: Remember to count your blessings and be thankful for everything that you have. Many times, I believe that we take a lot of things we have for granted! Have a wonderful week!

Love Miss ND International,
Erica Lemna 


Well, it’s official. I am now a high school graduate. On Sunday June 3rd I not only received my diploma, I also handed over my “seniority” to once again be considered a freshman…in college!! Granted I still have a couple months before that label will take full effect, it’s still a crazy thought. However, June 3rd was not only graduation day; it was also ‘North Dakota Teen Drive Safe Day.’ When choosing a specific date for this proclamation day I wanted to be sure there was significant meaning behind it. I found that meaning one day when I was perusing teen driving articles on the internet. I found some eye opening information. According to AAA, “7 out of the 10 deadliest days for teenage drivers occur between late May and early August.” This makes summer the prime season for fatal car accidents. While this statistic seems evident, the actuality really hit me. Summer; schools out, kids are left alone during the days and sent to the lakes on weekends. While this is all great fun, the kicker is that, even though we are now free from the restraints of schoolwork, we need to not shut our brains entirely off. Being aware is one of the greatest shields we can wield. Our defensive driving skills need to be sharply in tune and we need to make sure we are personally making every effort to limit our distractions. My hopes are that along with graduation, everyone started their summer off with the mindset that it’s drive safe day! Because, in reality, we should be driving safely every day!

Signing off as an official high school graduate,
Miss Teen North Dakota International 2012

Governor Jack Dalrymple:  Helped make "North Dakota Teen Drive Safe Day' possible!
I am blessed to have such a strong support system!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Special Olympics of North Dakota

If you want to enjoy the true spirit of competition where individuals compete but understand that sports is more about being together, giving it your best and cheering on all who participate, then you belong at the North Dakota’s Special Olympics at Fargo Davies High School. Erica and I are extremely excited to help volunteer and cheer on some of the biggest champions of our state. The big weekend will begin with a bang…. literally! Tonight there will be a fireworks show open to the public and free of charge. Then Saturday morning, the event kicks off with Opening Ceremony and Parade of Athletes at 9:30 at the football field followed by competition in track and field events. This year there is extra motivation to fill up the stands of the Davies stadium on Saturday. Not only are we acknowledging and supporting the amazing athletes competing, but we are celebrating the 40 years of Special Olympics in North Dakota and the 15 years Fargo has hosted the summer games. Stop by anytime as all the events are free and open to everyone!

Please see the link below to find out more details!

Thank you,
Ashley Voigt