Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Whole Picture!

Thinking about all the appearances I did this year, one in particular comes to mind. While I was speaking to a class of 6th graders about heart health, I first told them about myself, and what my job as Miss North Dakota International 2013 consists of. At the teacher’s request, I explained the entire pageant system and how exactly I won the title.

As I finished up, one of the young ladies in the class raised her hand and asked me, “So, is being in a pageant like acting?” At first her question really caught me off guard- of course there are similarities between pageantry and acting, like one needing to love being on stage- and I could see why she made this comparison. I think this idea is probably one that many people who know little about pageantry share.

After thinking for a moment, I simply replied, “No, it’s actually the complete opposite.” Acting requires you to completely remove yourself from the picture and become a whole new person. Pageantry focuses on making yourself be the whole picture! I went on to explain to the class that while you must present yourself in a certain way, the focus is still on YOU and your personality. You simply polish yourself up a bit J

Xoxo, Taylor

Looking for less, adding more....

Sometime we must add more in our lives to do what we truly love. As if things we not crazy enough juggling things in the Mauch household.....I took on a part-time job (in addition to the full-time job I already have). Our little community of Hankinson was fortunate enough to get a new Health Club. I started my job as manager just last weekend! It will be a few busy weeks as we get started and I learn the process. It isn't easy taking on more when you want less but I have hopes that this passion of health and fitness will ignite others in the community! 
I look forward to a few last few events as Mrs. ND International though. It is hard to believe our year is wrapping up so quickly! 
Jennifer Mauch
Mrs. ND International 2013