The Whole Picture!

Thinking about all the appearances I did this year, one in particular comes to mind. While I was speaking to a class of 6th graders about heart health, I first told them about myself, and what my job as Miss North Dakota International 2013 consists of. At the teacher’s request, I explained the entire pageant system and how exactly I won the title.

As I finished up, one of the young ladies in the class raised her hand and asked me, “So, is being in a pageant like acting?” At first her question really caught me off guard- of course there are similarities between pageantry and acting, like one needing to love being on stage- and I could see why she made this comparison. I think this idea is probably one that many people who know little about pageantry share.

After thinking for a moment, I simply replied, “No, it’s actually the complete opposite.” Acting requires you to completely remove yourself from the picture and become a whole new person. Pageantry focuses on making yourself be the whole picture! I went on to explain to the class that while you must present yourself in a certain way, the focus is still on YOU and your personality. You simply polish yourself up a bit J

Xoxo, Taylor

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