Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, INC.

It is not often where things fall into place just the way they are supposed to. As I changed my platform I knew I also needed to find a national organization that was willing to partner with me. We came across an amazing organization that is excited to allow me to partner in their efforts. Some things are just meant to be! I am so excited to help bring light to this wonderful organization that is here to help others struggling with infertility! 

The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, INC (INCIID) is the leading family-building destination on the Internet. INCIID (pronounced “inside”) has grown into a global organization with the largest infertility audience worldwide.

Through my partnership with INCIID I will help other women and couples struggling with their goal of becoming parents realize that there are resources to help. This struggle is real and the emotional pain with infertility is very real. But the good news is that there is support!

My Plan as Mrs. International
  •  Bring purpose through pain by sharing my story
  •  Be endorsed as a spokesperson for INCIID
  • Connect infertility patients with INCIID
  • Advocate on behalf of INCIID to add professional experts 

Monday, April 29, 2013

‘Too beautiful for Earth'

True friends recognize when something isn't quite right and that sometimes our path needs to be redirected. Thank you Carolyn and Bradley, Allison and Kathy for recognizing and listening. Just three weeks before all of my paperwork was due for Nationals I made the leap to change my platform. This is a tough topic for me but I feel the need to share my personal story in hopes to help others who are struggling. 
“An angel in the book of life wrote down our babies births and She whispered as she closed the book ‘Too beautiful for Earth.’” -Author Unknown

I refer to 2007 as my dark year. My husband and I were newly married and excited to add to our family. We got pregnant right away but just 6 weeks later everything changed. We suffered a miscarriage. Although many people said it was probably better and there may have been something ‘wrong’ with the baby, I had an extremely difficult time coming to terms with the loss of our child. It was an ‘early loss’, but it was our baby. Our hopes and dreams were shattered.

Just a few months later we were able to get pregnant again. Much too soon our hopes and dreams were shattered again. This time though I came very close to losing my life along with our baby. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was suddenly in severe discomfort. After some time had a passed we knew something wasn't right. We went to our local emergency room where I was a diagnosed with a bladder infection and sent home. We learned an important lesson that day, to follow your instincts. I knew something wasn't right and even questioned the diagnosis but was reassured that was all it was and we were thrilled that we weren't losing our baby again; or so we thought. Twelve long and excruciating hours later after passing out in various places throughout our home I apparently found my way back to bed at some point. Early the next morning we really didn't know what we were dealing with but I had never been in so much pain. My husband works in the agriculture industry and this was April 30 which meant he was extremely busy. So we opted to have my dad take me to the clinic to see my healthcare provider. When we finally got to the clinic my blood pressure was dangerously low and I was sent immediately for an ultrasound. This revealed exactly what my doctor thought; I had suffered an ectopic pregnancy, my Fallopian tube had ruptured and I had excessive internal bleeding. I almost lost my life on the drive to a larger medical facility. Surgery was performed upon arrival, I survived, but we lost another baby. I had to convince myself how fortunate I was to be alive, but now I had to heal both physically and emotionally as I lost almost all hope.

Time passed and we were thrilled but apprehensive when we were able to get pregnant again. Just a short time later we miscarried. We were then referred to an infertility clinic. I lost so much hope and didn't have any support to turn to. I spent hours online trying to diagnose myself and no one knew what I was dealing with emotionally. I felt like a complete failure.

After many early mornings and tests we knew nothing more than when we started. We needed to get pregnant again to find out more. I was put on fertility medication and tried some procedures, nothing worked! We took a break over the Holiday and by the grace of God we were able to get pregnant on our own. Nine months later we welcomed a lively little girl into our lives and just shy of two years later a little boy. We are blessed!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going to the Chapel!

April Fools’ Day is usually spent playing tricks and practical jokes on each other, but this year I spent it watching two people make a serious, life-long commitment to each other. My older sister Emily got married to the love of her life, Andy, on this humorous and fun-filled day, and in Las Vegas, none-the-less!

Emily and Andy got engaged the night before the state pageant, but my family decided to wait and tell me until after the pageant was over. I found out minutes after being crowned! As my mom put it, “Two of my girls got bling this weekend!” I was amazed that they planned the wedding in a mere four months- my sister planned a wedding in less time than I have to prepare for nationals!

 The wedding was absolutely beautiful! It took place at The Valley of the Falls at Mandalay Bay. There were waterfalls in the background and the setting was absolutely perfect for a wedding! I was honored to serve as one of my sister’s bridesmaids to show my support of her and Andy!

The reception was a blast- a ton of delicious food and dancing! My little 8-year old brother stole the spotlight with his killer dance moves- man, can he move! We still have no idea where his dance moves came from…

I am looking forward to watching Emily and Andy’s life together! I wish them a lifetime of happiness! Welcome to the family Andy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Make Up Trade Show

When I went to tour the two colleges in California, we called it my senior trip. My Dad took me and we definitely had some serious quality time together! We spent the majority of our time in Beverly Hills and I absolutely loved it! I could easily see myself living there some day! One of the things our our list of things we wanted to do in Beverly Hills was to walk Rodeo Drive, so we did that a couple different times! The main reason why we had actually gone to California in the first place was because I wanted to attend a Make Up Trade Show. Touring the colleges was just  an added bonus. Being that I want to develop my own make up line called "GG" my Dad thought that attending a make up trade show would be a good start. Seeing the business of make up in action. I can easily say that this was a great experience for me. I learned many, many new tips and tricks. I love the process of designing my make up line, it's so rewarding to see every step come into action. I can't wait until I have a finished product on shelves ready to sell!

College Visits

Over the past month I've had the opportunity to do some college visits. I've toured PBA in Palm Beach Florida, Master's College, and Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Ever since I've been in about middle school I've planned to go far away for college. I think it's a perfect time to spread your wings and make something out of yourself. To find out who you really are and what you believe in. Although leaving all my family behind would be an extremely had task for me to tackle for four years I think it's an adventure that would be perfect fit for me. I want to experience college to it's fullest potential. I want to not know anyone's name right away, and to get lost. Making a decision on a four year commitment is a big and important one! I'm very thankful to having a very loving and supportive family, although my Mom would like to see me end up in Minneapolis and my Dad at NDSU, they still support my aspirations and take me on the college tours, even though some are far away. :)