Saturday, February 21, 2015

North Dakota

North Dakota, the state where everyone rides their pigs around town and has to go to the well to get water. Just kidding, but I have been asked that on more than one occasion!

            In North Dakota we have four seasons: summer, winter, road construction, and road construction! ;) The record high for the temperature in North Dakota in the summer time was 121 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperature ever recorded for winter was -60 degrees Fahrenheit! As you can see, the temperatures in North Dakota vary quite a bit. You get to experience every season in North Dakota, which is why I love it so much.

            So you ask, what is there to do when the temperature outside is below zero!? Well, you put on just about every single item of clothing you own until you either look like a marshmallow or an oompa loompa, and then you go do whatever outdoor winter activity you want to do. You could go downhill skiing (on snow of course, not water), snowmobiling, sledding, the possibilities are endless!

My friend (right) and I (left) getting ready to go snowmobiling!

My friends and I bundled up for a football game!

            Another popular activity is ice fishing. Never done it before? Basically it’s a miniature house on top of the ice (on a lake or pond) with holes in the floor to drill holes through the ice to put your fishing rod in. Ice fishing is my favorite because it’s a winter activity where you get to be in a warm ice house! You might also want to get tickets to watch the Sioux play at a University of North Dakota (UND) Hockey game!

Yes, I'm a pageant girl, and yes, I'm holding a fish :)

            If winter isn’t your thing, then come on up to North Dakota during the summer. I would highly suggest taking a visit to the Wild West town of Medora. They put on an amazing show called the Medora Musical, it is definitely a must see! My favorite summer activity is going out to the lake and going tubing, fishing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, skiing, and many other water activities!

            Did you know that over 8,000 people in Rutland, North Dakota ate the world’s largest hamburger weighing 3,591 pounds?! North Dakota is ranked the 2nd happiest state in the United States. It is illegal to go dancing in Fargo, ND with a hat on. North Dakota grows more sunflower seeds than any other state. It also has the lowest unemployment rate at 3.2%! The weirdest sport in North Dakota is lawn mower racing. They customize the lawn mowers to go up to 60 mph compared to their usual 5mph!

            I hope that gave you a little bit of insight on the beautiful state of North Dakota! Come and visit soon!

            Yours Truly,

            Miss Teen North Dakota International 2015

North Dakota

Those that live in our great and beautiful state know most of the standard facts about its state flower or when North Dakota became a state but I wanted to fill you in on a few of my hidden treasure troves of interest.
·      Its people. I believe the citizens of North Dakota to be our greatest asset. They all amaze and humble me at the same time.

·      The Great Hall in the Capitol Building in Bismarck. The majestic qualities in this hall leaves me in awe to be surrounded by the leaders of our great State of North Dakota.

·      Kuchen from Lapp’s Bakery in Hebron. Not to lead you astray the bakery has closed for the public but still sells 30 varying flavors at the local grocery store. These treats are worth the time off of the beaten path.

·      Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora. The breathtaking views of the badlands and the grand scale is such a spiritual place.

·      The seasons. I love that our state has all four seasons and provides such a diverse climate and temperature.

·      My home. I love traveling throughout our wondrous state but am always to excited to be back in my most favorite spot on the planet, my house surrounded by my family.  Dorothy said it best, “There is no place like home.”

·      Chippers from Carol Widman’s Candy Co in Fargo. The salty sweet combination provides a crunch unlike anything else.

·      Downtown Broadway in Fargo. The interesting and historical buildings set up the perfect location for an enchanting dining, art or shopping experience.

·      Forts and that are scattered through North Dakota including: Fort Union, Williston; Fort Abraham Lincoln, Mandan; Fort Seward, Jamestown, Fort Mandan, Washburn to appreciate our state one should stop and really take in its history,

·      International Peace Garden. Not only offering North Dakota our nickname, it showcases splashes of color from all of the foliage. The setting is especially unique since it celebrates peace between the US and Canada being located right on the country’s borders.

·      Garrison Dam and Lake Sakakawea. The sheer size and power exhibited by one of the world’s largest earthen dams is a powerful sight.

These points of interest are just the top picks. There are so many other people, places and things that make North Dakota legendary but also make it home. I invite you to take the time to see these points of interest and understand why my family and I call it home.

Erin Bertel

Mrs. North Dakota International 2015

North Dakota

To someone not from North Dakota would defined our state as:

    1.) Cold
2,) Extremely Cold
3.) Do you even have running water or electricity? “Yes I was asked this once”
4.) Cold

            North Dakota Defined for a North Dakotan as:

1.)  Proud
2.)  Hard Working
3.)  Warm
4.)  A little Chilly at Times

1.) We are a proud group of individuals whom love our state and love telling people where we are from. We understand a sense of community large and small and always have each other’s backs.

2.) We are Hard Working, the people of North Dakota are hard working and take pride in their achievements. In North Dakota we have an understanding that everyone plays a role and each role is just as important as the next.

3.) Warm: I say warm because the people of North Dakota have warm hearts. I truly believe that each individual, if able, would give you the shirt off his or her back and not think twice. Also, believe it or not there are some warm months out of the year!

4.) Yes it is a little cold here, but we make the most of it!

That is what I think about when I think of North Dakota. I hope to persuade others to experience North Dakota as we are not as we are made out to be.

I am so proud to represent North Dakota at the Miss International Pageant! 

-Meg Yahna

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An Open Mind, A Servant's Heart, Dedication & Passion

When one begins a business its only right that they have a business plan. The same could be said if someone is a contractor and that they have blueprints before they begin construction.  My year as Mrs. North Dakota International 2015 has neither a business plan nor a set of blue prints. Rather, I have an open mind, a servant’s heart, dedication to North Dakota and passion for The Joy of Sox and faith in the Lord.

·      An Open Mind.  Having an open mind is important to be flexible. When God presents you with an opportunity it is always with great purpose, so it best to not question it, and open your mind and be flexible and “roll with it.” You can be amazed at where an open mind can lead you.
·      A servant’s heart. Before my home was bought out by Fargo Flood Protection, I was often eager to jump into the bigger or more social volunteering opportunities and not the tedious, or less celebrated positions. It was during my time when my family and I moved from house to house and even a campsite without a permanent home that I found value in the small everyday opportunities. Such as simply chopping vegetables in the back room of The Salvation Army or the less than glamorous job of sorting donated socks in my garage. The simple tasks fuel my soul like gasoline to an engine. I became humbled at these opportunities as God fueled me to change my perspective. 
·      Dedication. This is fundamental, it says a lot about a person’s values and integrity.  These days we live in an instant society, if you want a meal, your house cleaned, or most anything all of these things are clicks or calls away. If you do use phones they must operate immediately and if it takes more than a few seconds I have seen some get frustrated. It can be easy to walk away but dedication is real commitment. Sticking with something when you do not see instant results, it’s in trouble, boring or difficult that is what is hard, that’s dedication.     
·      Passion. When you have an unquenchable thirst and you are driven by an unrestrained urge to search high or low to find something, anything to drink-that is passion. For some passion can be found if you can satisfy a particular craving by only pouring your time and attention. For some its music, and that elated feeling of happiness someone can get from simply listening to music. For some its running, and they can tap into superhuman qualities and run astounding amounts of miles, that is passion. For me is simply providing socks to the homeless.

So, I start of my year ahead not with business plans, blue prints or list of to-dos. I begin as all things with God, with a spirit of adventure with an open mind, a servant’s heart, dedication and passion that I am going to whole heartedly give to the State of North Dakota, The Joy of Sox and the homeless population I serve. I only know that I my year ahead will provide comfort, warmth, dignity and hope for the homeless, and so far it has been amazing.

Erin Bertel 
Mrs. North Dakota International 2015