North Dakota

Those that live in our great and beautiful state know most of the standard facts about its state flower or when North Dakota became a state but I wanted to fill you in on a few of my hidden treasure troves of interest.
·      Its people. I believe the citizens of North Dakota to be our greatest asset. They all amaze and humble me at the same time.

·      The Great Hall in the Capitol Building in Bismarck. The majestic qualities in this hall leaves me in awe to be surrounded by the leaders of our great State of North Dakota.

·      Kuchen from Lapp’s Bakery in Hebron. Not to lead you astray the bakery has closed for the public but still sells 30 varying flavors at the local grocery store. These treats are worth the time off of the beaten path.

·      Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora. The breathtaking views of the badlands and the grand scale is such a spiritual place.

·      The seasons. I love that our state has all four seasons and provides such a diverse climate and temperature.

·      My home. I love traveling throughout our wondrous state but am always to excited to be back in my most favorite spot on the planet, my house surrounded by my family.  Dorothy said it best, “There is no place like home.”

·      Chippers from Carol Widman’s Candy Co in Fargo. The salty sweet combination provides a crunch unlike anything else.

·      Downtown Broadway in Fargo. The interesting and historical buildings set up the perfect location for an enchanting dining, art or shopping experience.

·      Forts and that are scattered through North Dakota including: Fort Union, Williston; Fort Abraham Lincoln, Mandan; Fort Seward, Jamestown, Fort Mandan, Washburn to appreciate our state one should stop and really take in its history,

·      International Peace Garden. Not only offering North Dakota our nickname, it showcases splashes of color from all of the foliage. The setting is especially unique since it celebrates peace between the US and Canada being located right on the country’s borders.

·      Garrison Dam and Lake Sakakawea. The sheer size and power exhibited by one of the world’s largest earthen dams is a powerful sight.

These points of interest are just the top picks. There are so many other people, places and things that make North Dakota legendary but also make it home. I invite you to take the time to see these points of interest and understand why my family and I call it home.

Erin Bertel

Mrs. North Dakota International 2015

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