North Dakota

North Dakota, the state where everyone rides their pigs around town and has to go to the well to get water. Just kidding, but I have been asked that on more than one occasion!

            In North Dakota we have four seasons: summer, winter, road construction, and road construction! ;) The record high for the temperature in North Dakota in the summer time was 121 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperature ever recorded for winter was -60 degrees Fahrenheit! As you can see, the temperatures in North Dakota vary quite a bit. You get to experience every season in North Dakota, which is why I love it so much.

            So you ask, what is there to do when the temperature outside is below zero!? Well, you put on just about every single item of clothing you own until you either look like a marshmallow or an oompa loompa, and then you go do whatever outdoor winter activity you want to do. You could go downhill skiing (on snow of course, not water), snowmobiling, sledding, the possibilities are endless!

My friend (right) and I (left) getting ready to go snowmobiling!

My friends and I bundled up for a football game!

            Another popular activity is ice fishing. Never done it before? Basically it’s a miniature house on top of the ice (on a lake or pond) with holes in the floor to drill holes through the ice to put your fishing rod in. Ice fishing is my favorite because it’s a winter activity where you get to be in a warm ice house! You might also want to get tickets to watch the Sioux play at a University of North Dakota (UND) Hockey game!

Yes, I'm a pageant girl, and yes, I'm holding a fish :)

            If winter isn’t your thing, then come on up to North Dakota during the summer. I would highly suggest taking a visit to the Wild West town of Medora. They put on an amazing show called the Medora Musical, it is definitely a must see! My favorite summer activity is going out to the lake and going tubing, fishing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, skiing, and many other water activities!

            Did you know that over 8,000 people in Rutland, North Dakota ate the world’s largest hamburger weighing 3,591 pounds?! North Dakota is ranked the 2nd happiest state in the United States. It is illegal to go dancing in Fargo, ND with a hat on. North Dakota grows more sunflower seeds than any other state. It also has the lowest unemployment rate at 3.2%! The weirdest sport in North Dakota is lawn mower racing. They customize the lawn mowers to go up to 60 mph compared to their usual 5mph!

            I hope that gave you a little bit of insight on the beautiful state of North Dakota! Come and visit soon!

            Yours Truly,

            Miss Teen North Dakota International 2015

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