North Dakota

To someone not from North Dakota would defined our state as:

    1.) Cold
2,) Extremely Cold
3.) Do you even have running water or electricity? “Yes I was asked this once”
4.) Cold

            North Dakota Defined for a North Dakotan as:

1.)  Proud
2.)  Hard Working
3.)  Warm
4.)  A little Chilly at Times

1.) We are a proud group of individuals whom love our state and love telling people where we are from. We understand a sense of community large and small and always have each other’s backs.

2.) We are Hard Working, the people of North Dakota are hard working and take pride in their achievements. In North Dakota we have an understanding that everyone plays a role and each role is just as important as the next.

3.) Warm: I say warm because the people of North Dakota have warm hearts. I truly believe that each individual, if able, would give you the shirt off his or her back and not think twice. Also, believe it or not there are some warm months out of the year!

4.) Yes it is a little cold here, but we make the most of it!

That is what I think about when I think of North Dakota. I hope to persuade others to experience North Dakota as we are not as we are made out to be.

I am so proud to represent North Dakota at the Miss International Pageant! 

-Meg Yahna

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