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Life Changing Surprise!

There was a surprise that had been planned for over a year…and I didn’t even know anything about it until the week before the trip! I got the opportunity to go on a cruise!! This wasn’t just any cruise; it was the Jesus Freak Cruise!!! My mom took my brother on this cruise two years ago and it was such a powerful worship experience as well as amazingly fun that she wanted me to have that opportunity as well! Mom was sneaky in how she got me to get passport pictures and paperwork done. I got a little frustrated with her because she wouldn’t tell me why she had me do a few things.... but, eventually, she surprised me and my face lit up when I got the news. To get to the cruise, we flew into Orlando, Florida and on the way to the hotel, met a couple that lives in Park Rapids, Minnesota!!! We ended up seeing each other several times during the trip! We loved seeing them over and over again. When we were boarding the ship, we got to meet the band DCTalk!

The cruise was packed with so man…

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