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My Crowning Moment - MacKenzie Johnson

A crowning moment is something that you can’t practice. It's something that you can’t duplicate.
And it's something that you can be SO prepared for, but the emotions that run through your body
completely change how you thought you’d act. My crowning moment was in one word,
emotional. If you have seen pictures or were even at the pageant, you could see it. The moment
my name was called, I started crying. And no, it was not pretty crying, it was ugly crying. Very
ugly crying. The reason I was so emotional was because this was something I had worked
extremely hard for and hearing my name called gave me immediate relief that my hard work had
paid off.

This was not my first time competing at the Miss Teen North Dakota International Pageant. I
competed last year and received 2nd runner up, won the interview portion, and tied for first in
evening gown. Y'all, I was upset that I didn’t win but I didn’t let that stop me from getting back
up and trying again. So, I kicked it into h…

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