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Happy Father's Day!

My husband, partner-in-crime, and the best daddy to our son.This man right here has been nothing short of amazing, an outstanding role model for our son Bode.When our son was born, I was anxious to see Kelly’s reaction to finally be responsible for another human being 24/7!The moment he held Bode not only did I realize his natural abilities as being a father but my love for him grew ten times stronger.

Fast forward to today and Bode being 15 months old, Kelly has been more than just a father and a role model.He has been “mister mom” in my absence.Whether it is being gone for work or pageantry, this man has picked up the slack.Let’s face it, being a parent isn’t just caring for your child but everything associated with them.

I am so happy to have such an interactive husband as a father.He loves to read to Bode, play during bath time, go on walks, take trips to the zoo, and take naps together.We cherish these moments now because one day Bode will not see these activities as important o…

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