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Jocelyn's Crowning Moment

When I signed up for this pageant back in August I knew I wanted to win. My mom was always telling me everything happens for a reason. When I arrived at the pageant, I knew I was happy to be there and I would be happy with whatever the outcome was because I was trying my best. When I walked out on stage for crowning I thought, "This is it. Now I get to see if I won or not." We lined up holding each other's hands and waited. The emcee said, "The next Jr. Miss Teen North Dakota International 2018 is, Contestant number....(this is when I was thinking, please say number 4!) 4, Jocelyn Birklid! "Whaaaaa" the audience yelled. I immediately started crying with joy. As I looked out into the audience, I couldn't see anyone because of the bright lights. I thought, "Oh my gosh, this isn't happening! Thank you so much!" Dad walked out behind me with the crown and Alexis with the clips while Wiljar and Angelina put the sash on me. When …

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