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Parent Blog - Dez Kiefer

             Hello, my name is Dez I am McKenna’s mom. When I started to think about this blog I wasn’t sure where to even start, this year has been full of so many amazing things. So, I am going to start at the beginning.             McKenna has always been interested in pageants, even when she was 3 years old! She loved watching all the ladies walk on stage, of course the pretty dresses was her favorite. But as she got older she started to look up to them for what their platforms where and what they did in the community. One of the women that McKenna knows well is Stacy Schaffer, my husband’s cousin. McKenna has looked up to her for all she does to fight human trafficking through her non-profit the 31:8 Project. She didn’t know until recently that Stacy was Miss North Dakota International 2011.               McKenna had the opportunity to meet Ava Hill who at the time we first met her was Miss North Dakota 2019. She talked to McKenna about pageants, her platform Peyton’s Hear

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