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Over coming self-doubt preparing for a pageant

It’s no secret that as women, we are critical of ourselves.From how we dress, what our body type is, and many other factors we tend to compare too often to others.This is especially true in the pageant world.We have several areas of competition that require us to be mentally, emotionally, and physically at our best in order to be competitive.In this blog I will give you my background with over coming self-doubt and some helpful advice for any of you out there questioning your self-worth!
When I decided to compete for Mrs. North Dakota International, I had literally just given birth to my son, Bode.I signed up for the pageant three months post-partum and after I turned in my paperwork I was saying in my head, “What are you doing?!”.Not only had I not competed as a Mrs. contestant before, but also I had so much going on at that time in my life.I was a brand new mom, trying to lost baby weight, juggling a full-time career, volunteering, and trying to figure out this hormone thing I ha…

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