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Why Stella Chose Pageants

I never thought that I would be where I am today. When I was younger, I believed that a pageant was for those who wanted to play dress up and I was more of a splash in the mud kind of girl. It never bothered me that I was different...until others decided to tell me otherwise. I began to see how others viewed me. Thankfully, I’m a little stubborn and never changed who I was, but what did happen is that I began to bully myself along with others. When I was told that bellbottoms didn’t belong in this era, I wouldn’t change. Instead, I would internalize that I was not good enough, couldn’t have different opinions, and that I could never look the way I was supposed to. I would take the lies and make them my identity. Then, I usually would just respond by saying that my parents don’t have time to take me shopping and they are hand-me-downs or something along those lines. I became someone that I don’t recognize today.  With years of internalizing those lies, I was broken. My parents were ab…

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