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Preparing for State…the Do’s and Do-Not’s!

With the North Dakota International Pageant right around the corner, it is important to be the most prepared you can be!This time last year, I was in FULL preparation mode!Here are some tips and items that you need to make sure get taken care of before the big weekend.Remember, doing these all in a timely manner will help ease your mind and reduce stress, after all the pageant is just over six weeks away!
1.Pageant Coach!What is this you may ask?!A pageant coach is someone who focuses solely on getting you read for your busy weekend.From interview to the stage they are masters in their domain.Having a pageant coach was THE BEST decision I ever made.Not only did they make me stand out from the competition but also they boosted my self-esteem and confidence for the stage. 2.Paperwork: As we all know there is required paperwork that needs to be completed for the pageant.This paperwork is what the judges will see and base their private interview off.Make sure to spend time on this!Find thi…

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