Make Up Trade Show

When I went to tour the two colleges in California, we called it my senior trip. My Dad took me and we definitely had some serious quality time together! We spent the majority of our time in Beverly Hills and I absolutely loved it! I could easily see myself living there some day! One of the things our our list of things we wanted to do in Beverly Hills was to walk Rodeo Drive, so we did that a couple different times! The main reason why we had actually gone to California in the first place was because I wanted to attend a Make Up Trade Show. Touring the colleges was just  an added bonus. Being that I want to develop my own make up line called "GG" my Dad thought that attending a make up trade show would be a good start. Seeing the business of make up in action. I can easily say that this was a great experience for me. I learned many, many new tips and tricks. I love the process of designing my make up line, it's so rewarding to see every step come into action. I can't wait until I have a finished product on shelves ready to sell!

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