College Visits

Over the past month I've had the opportunity to do some college visits. I've toured PBA in Palm Beach Florida, Master's College, and Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Ever since I've been in about middle school I've planned to go far away for college. I think it's a perfect time to spread your wings and make something out of yourself. To find out who you really are and what you believe in. Although leaving all my family behind would be an extremely had task for me to tackle for four years I think it's an adventure that would be perfect fit for me. I want to experience college to it's fullest potential. I want to not know anyone's name right away, and to get lost. Making a decision on a four year commitment is a big and important one! I'm very thankful to having a very loving and supportive family, although my Mom would like to see me end up in Minneapolis and my Dad at NDSU, they still support my aspirations and take me on the college tours, even though some are far away. :)

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