Going to the Chapel!

April Fools’ Day is usually spent playing tricks and practical jokes on each other, but this year I spent it watching two people make a serious, life-long commitment to each other. My older sister Emily got married to the love of her life, Andy, on this humorous and fun-filled day, and in Las Vegas, none-the-less!

Emily and Andy got engaged the night before the state pageant, but my family decided to wait and tell me until after the pageant was over. I found out minutes after being crowned! As my mom put it, “Two of my girls got bling this weekend!” I was amazed that they planned the wedding in a mere four months- my sister planned a wedding in less time than I have to prepare for nationals!

 The wedding was absolutely beautiful! It took place at The Valley of the Falls at Mandalay Bay. There were waterfalls in the background and the setting was absolutely perfect for a wedding! I was honored to serve as one of my sister’s bridesmaids to show my support of her and Andy!

The reception was a blast- a ton of delicious food and dancing! My little 8-year old brother stole the spotlight with his killer dance moves- man, can he move! We still have no idea where his dance moves came from…

I am looking forward to watching Emily and Andy’s life together! I wish them a lifetime of happiness! Welcome to the family Andy!

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