Senior Year

Senior year seems to be just flying by. I remember being a freshman and being told time after time how fast high school goes, but looking at a fully loaded four year high school plan, it was hard to grasp. With four months left of senior year, I can hardly believe that come August I won't be walking through the doors of Red River High School again. 

The search for the right college is officially on, and has been since September! This past month my Mom took me to Palm Beach Florida where we toured Palm Beach Atlantic University. Ever since sixth grade I always saw myself going far away for college. Don't get me wrong, I know how much I'll miss my family, but how fun to start an entirely new adventure?!  The first morning in Florida, my Mom and I could hardly wait to go to the beach and walk the sandy shore, as we were walking into the sunrise I found this beautiful seashell that was pink, yellow, red, and orange. It was so different compared to all the rest of the other plain white ones, so I picked it up. As I picked it up to look at the underside, I was shocked to see two claws come out, it was a living hermit crab! No wonder it was so unique ;) Not only was it great to spend time at the beach, but it was so awesome that my Mom and I got to spend so much quality time together. The college search is still on!

Miss Teen North Dakota International 2013

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