Happy Father's Day

   Happy Father’s Day, everyone!  I hope you all had a great day celebrating the wonderful things that dads, grandfathers and uncles do for us!
            This year, on Father’s Day, my parents were out of town. I spent the day with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma.  We enjoyed the beautiful day outside until it got too hot, then went inside to have dinner.
Later on that evening, we watched a movie. My grandma made root beer floats for us, as well as some popcorn. After the movie was done, we went back outside and soon enough, I heard my parent’s car drive up the driveway.
       I ran to see them, and then they came into the backyard to tell us all about their trip.  We ended up getting home at almost midnight, but that was ok because we all had a really fun time!
       Even though I didn’t spend the entire Father’s Day with my dad, I was able to spend a portion of it with him, as well as celebrate with my grandpa and uncle. I am so lucky to have these amazing role models in my life.
       My dad and I have tons of fun memories together. We like to go to the lake and fish, go tubing or just swim together. We also like to watch football together. Even though most of the time I don’t get the point of watching people in jerseys and helmets run into each other and make doggie piles when they tackle, he never fails to tell me why he enjoys the sport so much. I love spending time with him and he is truly awesome!
       One of my most special memories is when my dad got to escort me on stage at the state pageant during the evening gown competition. He also got to join me on stage and crown me when I won the title of Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2017.  That was truly a special moment for both of us that we will always cherish!
    Wishing all the fathers and father-figures out there a Happy Father’s Day – especially mine! 

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