Catching Up!

Hi again!

I’m sure you have all been wondering what I have been up to, and what life is like as Miss North Dakota International. Let me tell you, life is a blessing and a whirlwind! But isn’t that how it goes? I keep my self very busy as most of you can assume. I have spent my last few months as queen running around to some amazing events, with even more amazing people. Working with my sister queens and directors has been so great. We all are in almost daily communication, and if I don’t hear from them in over two days I begin to miss them all. These wonderful women are becoming such an important part of my life and are truly becoming family. The support system that this pageant brings is indescribable. Through this pageant, I have become involved in the community in so many ways. In the last several months, I have made appearances as Miss North Dakota at the state capitol, Brave the Shave event, Go Red for Women Luncheon, spoke at Center-Stanton High School, organized a wear red day with the NDSU nursing students, had a photo shoot, and visited the children at Sanford Medical Center where I delivered hand made Valentines. Busy! Life outside of the pageant has been just as a full of adventure as well. During these first few months as queen I also have since celebrated my 21st birthday with friends and family, travelled to Mexico with a great group of friends, celebrated a wedding of some close friends, started and finishing up my first semester as a nursing student. Looking ahead at what is to come in the next several months is preparation for nationals! How exciting! Time is just flying by in a blink of an eye. One of the first things Taylor, Miss North Dakota International 2016, told me was “it’ll go faster then you know it,” and she wasn’t lying. I have been learning to accept all the challenges that have been thrown my way with juggling the balance of pageants, school, social life, and my family. I’ve learned that you’ll never be dealt more than you can handle and to be grateful for every opportunity that you are given. One of my favorite mottos to say is, “if you’re not living, you’re dying.” With this update on my life, I hope that you all continue to follow me on my journey throughout the year as I prepare for Nationals.

Forever and Always,

Miss North Dakota International 2017
Siam Simpfenderfer

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