Your greatest breakthrough is just beyond your tallest barrier

Can I be vulnerable with you right now? Things have not been so sparkly lately. The struggle of life has made itself quite real to me these past few months. And, as I sit here, eating dark chocolate chip ice cream from the container, I wonder how much of it I need to consume before I stop feeling overwhelmed. Lately, my husband and I have faced some unexpected doctor’s bills, car problems, and, just recently, something very personal and valuable was stolen from me. I don’t say this for pity, I simply want to be real with you. Because, beyond the posts of smiley pictures, beyond the crown and the sash is a life that isn’t always fabulous. Lately, I have found myself asking, “Ok, what's next? Can I handle one more thing right know?” But, something I have come to realize is that I don’t have to be strong enough to handle it. Life will throw things at me that I can’t handle sometimes. But, I believe that my strength comes from God. When I am overwhelmed, I trust that he has a purpose and plan for every situation - even the really tough ones. When I can’t always see was lies ahead, I can always trust that God knows all, sees all, and has my situation under control. 

And, you know what else?

Your greatest breakthrough is just beyond your tallest barrier. 

Sometimes, the moments we feel we can’t take anymore are the very moments we must keep going. Many times our victory is just beyond the struggle we are currently facing. It’s not easy, I have to work at it every day. 

I remember when my car broke down 15 miles from home on that cold January evening. This was the night before I was set to compete for Mrs. North Dakota International and I wasn’t even sure how I would make it to rehearsal the next day. As my husband and I sat in the negative 20 degree weather waiting for a ride, we didn’t feel so amazing. Our only good car at the time had just died on us and I was worried that the cold was going to make me sick. But, my husband looked at me, told me to zip up my jacket over my face to keep warm and assured me that everything was gonna be ok. Despite the current circumstances, I trusted that everything would work out exactly as it was meant to. That’s what faith looks like. Faith gives perspective- the ability to realize that today’s battle is tomorrow’s victory, even if we don’t have a battle plan just yet. 
The next day, Jake borrowed our church van to get me to rehearsal. Not only did I make it through the weekend without being sick or missing anything, I succeeded in the pageant too. I kept a smile on my face during the competition and remembered why I was there, why I wanted to make a difference. I didn’t let the troubles of the weekend phase me, I had bigger things to focus on. 

The key to overcoming barriers is how we choose to respond to them. 

Disappointments in life can either break us down or make us stronger. We must consciously choose to focus on the good that's happening in the midst of our difficulties. Struggles don't last forever and if we choose to keep moving forward with the best attitude we can possibly have, our breakthrough will come sooner than we think. It’s not always easy to move forward when you don’t know what you’ll face next, but keep holding on, friends. Have faith because your breakthrough is coming

Angelina Yarbrough
Mrs. North Dakota International 2017

Turning Moments Into Movements

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