25 Fun Facts about Angelina!

On April 2nd I celebrated a birthday, so I thought it would be fun to share 25 fun facts about myself in celebration of 25 years of living!

  1. My full name is Angelina Elizabeth Yarbrough.
  2. My parents originally named me “Angelica”, but shortly after my birth, they decided to change it. 
  3. My nationality is 50% Italian (mom’s side) and 50% Mexican (dad’s side)
  4. I grew up in Las Vegas, but I never went to the strip until I was old enough to drive there myself.
  5. I grew up in a family of 4 with my mom, dad and little brother.
  6. My brother Johnny is kinda Instagram Famous - JohnnyBGoing
  7. I had cats growing up. We tried having a dog once and it only lasted 6 months.
  8. As a youngster, I competed in one pageant - the “Miss Junior Teen Las Vegas” pageant. I won third runner up! 
  9. I am only 5’ 1” tall. Don’t let the heels fool you!
  10. I went to college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Go Rebels! 
  11. I was a professional cheerleader for the United Football League. Our team was the Las Vegas Locomotives or “Las Vegas Locos” for short.
  12. I was also a dancer for UNLV’s Scarlet Dance Line. 
  13. I graduated college in 2014. I finished my last semester online while living in North Dakota!
  14. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Journalism. 
  15. I got married in December of 2013 in Las Vegas - in an actual church, not a drive-thru chapel! 
  16. My husband and I share the same birthday. It’s fate!
  17. When my husband and I were given the opportunity to move to North Dakota, neither of us had ever been there.
  18. Living in Wahpeton is my first experience at small town life.
  19. I have a Dalmatian named Koda. He’s perfect. 
  20. I used to have a cat named Shadow, but it wasn't working out so I flew him to Las Vegas to live with my mom. 
  21. My husband’s motorcycle is also named Shadow, so there is still a Shadow in the family. 
  22. I have traveled to 3 different countries on mission trips. 
  23. I hope to travel to several more countries with my family in the future.
  24. My husband and I are not quite ready for kids. We are waiting for God’s perfect timing.
  25. My dream is to teach, speak and preach to women of all ages around the country - and world.
I hope you enjoyed these fun facts! You can learn more about me every day on Facebook  and Instagram

Until Next Time,
Angelina Yarbrough
Mrs. North Dakota International 2017
Turning Moments Into Movements

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