Alexis's Crowning Moment!

After months of preparation, the pageant weekend was finally here! I was so excited to represent my community of Bismarck, but a little bit nervous at the same time.
On the first day of the pageant weekend, we arrived at The Stage (the venue where the pageant was held.) I had fun meeting all of the other contestants. We did introductions and heard from some great, uplifting and encouraging speakers. After that, it was time to get to work!

We learned our opening number, our “home base” on stage, our evening gown and fun fashion routine, and our on-stage question routine. Then, it was time for all the Junior Miss Teen contestants to attend our etiquette tea.
The etiquette tea was sponsored by Mrs. Rachel Stone, Mrs. ND International 2006. She taught us all about proper etiquette at the table and we also ate some delicious food! The tea was so much fun!
After lunch, we got ready for our private interviews with the judges. Interview is my favorite part of the pageant competition! After interviews, we continued to practice until it was time to go home for the night. All the contestants needed our beauty sleep!
The final day of the pageant was so exciting! We ran through our routines again, and finally it was show time! Before going on stage, I had the opportunity to pray with Amanda Moreno, Miss International 2016, and also prayed with all the contestants before going on stage. This was so important to me, as it made me pause and remember that I was truly performing for an audience of ONE that night – Jesus. 

During the final show, I had a ton of fun modeling my fun fashion outfit, evening gown, and talking about my platform during the on-stage interview. Finally, it was time to announce the winner.
All of these girls were so amazing that I didn’t know how the judges would choose a winner. I wanted everyone to walk away with the crown! We all lined up and held hands. When the emcee said “Your new Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2017 is ALEXIS THOMPSON!”, my hands flew up to my mouth like it was on fire! I couldn’t believe that it was MY name announced! My dream had come true!

From the stage, I could see my family hooting and hollering (and crying happy tears!) I could hardly believe that I had won!
The rest of the night was a whirlwind! We enjoyed a lovely reception after the pageant and took a lot of photographs.

One month has gone by after being crowned, and I still sometimes can’t believe that I have been given this amazing opportunity! I am so grateful and feel truly blessed. I have been busy volunteering and promoting my platform “Choose Happiness” as well as supporting and advocating for the American Heart Association.
I am proud to be Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2017 and I look forward to all the wonderful things yet to come during my reign!
Alexis Thompson
Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2017

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