Photoshoot Day

Living and being a part of a selfie generation can be quite a blast! Capturing every moment from dawn to dusk, allowing your audience to have front row seats to who you are, what you do and even what you eat. I must say I have become quite attached to this. However, from selfie moments to photoshoot! This was completely different and I felt at the time like it was going to be a lot of pressure. Well, let’s just say there’s a first time for everything. What does one wear? How does one pose? What props should one bring? These were just the few out many questions I had running through my mind.
 Luckily there was Google and Pinterest to help me visualize just what I should do and bring to the photoshoot. While packing for the photoshoot (yes, I did say packing) I focused on color. Finding colors that complimented my skin tone and would stand out in pictures. Matching jewelry and picking out shoes. Later I wondered why I even did that because no one would even notice. I wanted to make it clear to myself that this was not a selfie moment. This was a photoshoot capturing a personal and up close look at me, North Dakota International Ambassador 2017. My concluded headshot will be seen by myself, my friends, family, coworkers, and even outsiders. I made sure to remember to have fun and show my best self.
While taking pictures in my crown and sash, it had dawned on me that this was only my third time wearing my formal gown. The first time was when my mum and I had set eyes on it at Saks Fifth Avenue and I had tried it on. I just knew that it was the dress from the moment I had tried it on. Second time was on pageant day gracefully being introduced as North Dakota International Ambassador 2017. Third time, was posing in front of the camera with Ludvik Herrera the photographer.
From Ludvik to Janelle and Meg, they were oh so very helpful in getting me to just relax and just find my inner model. I must say in moments when I was lost in posing I just quickly remembered photoshoots from Americas next top model. How Tyra Banks would give critiques, tell you to extenuate your curves, smile with your eyes and other random ideas. In the end, I was very content with my session and couldn’t wait to take more pictures with my sister queens.
They are all so beautiful and I was left in awe watching them work their photoshoot so well! It made me think “wow” we are truly a boiling pot of beauty. This was beauty pageant that brought us all together but our beauty is not what defines us. Looking back at photos of how each queen represented their platform, this showed me just what defines us. Our passion and our determination. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I say our pictures are worth a million. I cannot wait to see the final picture from Ludvik Herrera, and I hope you’ll like them just as much as I will too!
 Wiljar Ojuro 
North Dakota International Ambassador 2017

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