Time Management Skills

Obtaining any title for a pageant comes a lot of responsibilities. I get to take many amazing opportunities, many include volunteering which is hands down my favorite part of becoming a title holder. Many question me on how I manage my time as a title holder and I love sharing it, and that is why I am choosing to let all of you know how I manage my time.

I currently have two jobs, attend high school full time, have a full workout schedule, and stay up to date with my pageant prep and appearances. How do I do it? Well, I fit my two jobs in mainly during the week after school, so in between 3pm and 9pm. I am on call at my job as a DSP at the Anne Carlsen Center which makes it easy to pick when I can and cannot work. As for my other job, I am a sales associate and assistant manager part time at Nicole's Bridal. I usually fit my workouts in my schedule early in the morning before school. My homework then gets done either after I workout in the morning or after one of my jobs in the evening. My pageant prep takes place in my car between work, school, and other events. I learned that tip from a pageant workshop I went to earlier this year and it has helped tremendously. It's great time for self-motivation and interview practice. My stage presence is practiced every time I wear heels during appearances, work, and even with my casual wear at school.

I try to save one day a week for me time and/or hanging out with friends. I may sound like I have no free time, and there is always something to do, but having time to myself and with friends is just as equally important in keeping my sanity. I also wouldn't be able to do any of it without my amazing family, pageant sisters and directors, and my friends. 

"Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown on your head, and be sweet on the inside"
-Meghanne Quam
Your Miss Teen North Dakota International

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