Meghanne's Photoshoot Recap!

My official photoshoot was the first time I have ever done a photoshoot with a professional. My experience was amazing to say the least. Ludvik made our jobs easy and feel so comfortable in front of the camera. What really made the day amazing the events leading up to our "perfect" shots is what made the 11 hour day worthwhile.

I started out my day by being an hour early to my hair and makeup; I am an early bird and I never want to be late. Taylor and I then made our way to get coffee for the second time and it was only 9 am. Other than being extremely tired, everything went very smoothly. Janelle, with West 13th Salon, pampered all of us queen all day long and helped make us look amazing. I couldn't ask for a better team. My directors, my sister queens, and our sponsors help make our days and lives function smoothly.

With that being said, my official photoshoot is in the books and it is definitely one to remember.

 God Bless,
Meghanne Quam:
Your Miss Teen North Dakota International 2016

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