Official Miss ND Intl Photoshoot!

Wow! Our North Dakota International Team did it again! The day was long and crazy but it was incredibly fun and worth it!
My pageant sisters and I showed up to West 13 in the morning, our sponsored hair and makeup salon, where we were pampered and beautified! I was the last of the four of us to have my hair and makeup done so as I waited my turn, my director Meg and I went through the wardrobe of clothes. I also helped our official Photographer Ludvik Herrera as well with set up and lighting while I waited.
I watched Ashley, Mrs. North Dakota, and Meghanne, Miss Teen North Dakota, get ready and look absolutely phenomenal in front of the camera. I became giddy and all the more excited watching them and how great they looked. Ludvik was being such a trooper as he was getting over a cold, but I think he was just as excited as all of us and his adrenaline was kicking in!
My turn was up to sit in Janelle Finseths seat as she did my hair and makeup making me look as great as my sister queens! I could hear all the giggles and fun shenanigans happening at the photo cite with Sadie Jo, Miss Jr. Teen North Dakota, as she played her silly self in front of that camera! It’s easy to say I get to work with some of most fun and wonderful ladies out there! Janelle had me feeling completely beautiful and ready to conquer that photo shoot!
Ludvik worked his magic with each and every one of us making us feel fabulous and in total control! Janelle Finseth was there to keep us looking great with touchups and hairspray. Meg and Janelle, our directors, most definitely kept us laughing, well fed, confident. Claire Steinburg, Janelles oldest daughter, comes to many of our events in being the best cheerleader and the best helping hand any girl could ask for. Then let us not forget Ashley, Meghanne, and Sadie Jo, my sister queens, for helping make this time so enjoyable!!
Without these people, our official photo shoot could not have been such a successful and joyful time! Janelle Finseth and Ludvik Herrera are both so incredibly talented and we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with them. Thank you to everyone who was involved as I had the time of my time with you all! Being Miss North Dakota International is such a blessing in itself—especially when you get to work with these kind of people!
                                                                                                Xoxox-Taylor Woodruff
                                                                                    Miss North Dakota International 2016

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