Every Child Deserves a Companion

My passion for children with disabilities began young. Starting at the age of 4, my mom began taking me to work with her at the Anne Carlsen Center where she would have me sit in on Elementary Special Education classes. Soon, our family would start bringing home a girl of the name Amber is now one of the girls I am advocating for. We took on the role of being Ambers family for the time being, bringing her home and to family occassions. Unfortunatly, we were unable to adopt Amber; we are still in contact today, but to me that isn't enough. Children and adults like Amber need to be given the oppertunity to stay in a stable home and have a parent or gaurdian to never give up on them. This led me to want to learn more, and to teach others that everyone deserves a companion. I began by attending camps for adults with special needs, volunteering at the center, and now I work there as a Cottage Direct Support Professional.

There are children with disabilities that are neglected or treated differently every day. Every one deserves respect and dignity. Everyone deserves a companion. My goal is to open up new doors for these children; and to educate siblings, parents, everyone on how to live with someone that has a a little more extra needs than the next person. These children are not burdens, but they are full of love, light and happiness, and are just calling out for that need.

My platform, Every Child Deserves a Companion (ECDC) is a passion. Children with special needs deserve a voice, need a voice, a home, a family, and people like you and I can help provide that. Begining in March I am partnering with the organization, PATH, and become a certified foster parent for children with special needs. March also marks the month to wear BLUE in awareness for these children that need a home. Not only should you wear BLUE, as I partner with the Anne Carlsen Center, I will be taking prom dress donations that will be given to the amazing girls that are attending the ACC prom in May. It's a great way to give back in our community and give those girls the night of their lives.

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