Sadie Jo's Crowning Moment!

How to describe my crowning moment in one word. Unforgettable! 

My mom gave me words of advice for the weekend. She told me to have fun, enjoy making new friends and sharing my platform. She said the weekend would be busy, but it will go so quick and no matter what happens to stay true to who I was. Everytime I went out on stage I gave my mom a hug and kiss and we wished each other good luck. My mom kept saying Sadie Jo show them the amazing girl you are. I guess that is what I did. 

To have my mom and my dad on that stage with me that night was extremely special. When my name was called I was absolutely taken by surprise. When my daddy went to crown me I was kind of worried that he wouldn't know how to put the crown on my head.  He surprised me like he always does and did a great job. When my daddy told me how proud he was of me and I saw the smile on his face that is something I will always remember.  I then looked over at my mom who was smiling and crying. 

I was excited to find out who my sister queens would be and sad at the same time looking at my other Jr. Miss Teen friends wishing we all could of had that crowning moment. After my pageant sisters where crowned we had a lot of pictures to take then headed over to the after party. I have to admit I was really hungry and when I saw the yummy cake I couldn't wait to cut into it and eat a piece. I was congratulated by so many great people that night and heard stories about how the Ronald McDonald House touched lives of those there that night. When I got back to the hotel room I was exhausted and fell asleep with my crown in my head. 

Thank you to the North Dakota International Pageant for giving me that amazing night and so many more to come. 

Love Sadie Jo 

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