Support System

I think one of the most important things about holding a title or even competing in a pageant is having a strong support system. 

This journey wouldn’t be possible without the support and help of my mother. She really has been there to help pick out dresses and gowns, to fundraise, to travel with, keep me motivated, and just to remind me how truly proud she is of me. My mother and I have had such a special time together traveling and shopping and even fundraising together that it has brought us much closer! Take advantage of this time with your parents and make it memorable because having a pageant parent is so much fun!

Not only having your parents support and love through such a journey is important, but so is having supportive and understanding friends. I have been very grateful for the kind of friends I have been blessed with as they have been the best cheerleaders through this journey! My friends will attend pageant things whether it is their “thing” or not but they do it because they know how important these things are to me. They have traveled the distance, payed the money,and are always on top of helping me do things. I want to especially give a shout-out to my dear friend Jenny, who has attended both pageants I have competed in, traveled the three hours to both, and has helped my mother and I fundraise! She truly has been a fabulous friend through this time!

Having good friends during a title is very important. You need the support from the people you care about because things can get pretty crazy at times. They also can helps keep you somewhat sane! During those crazy times, having understanding friends is just as important as having supportive friends. As you prepare for nationals and serve your community, there will be times that you won’t be able to catch a movie, or go out during the weekend because you have “pageant” things to do. I know I say that a lot to my friends, “I have pageant things to do, sorry.” But having understanding friends, they know how important those “things” really are to you. A good thing to always remember is that you can ask for your friends to help you with a task, or to do community service together while still spending time with each other!

What is also super cool is having friends from other pageants you were in, come support you! Pageantry is one of the best places to meet people and make some of the strongest friendships you can ever have. When I competed for my current title, I had several friends from the first pageant I was in, come and scream my name while I was on stage! I can’t thank those girls enough for their empowering words, assurance, and love as I prepared for this pageant.They really helped mentally prepare me as I got ready for a new pageant! Thank you so much ladies! 


And perhaps there is someone else we don’t always thank enough is God. Daily I have to give my burdens to God and remember to let him control my life. As much of planning there is in pageantry, everything happens in God’s will. He takes care of us and renews us daily so that we can be the best we can be. Remembering to keep a healthy relationship with God is just as important as any other relationship on earth. He can give strength if you are feeling weak, or reassurance when you just don’t feel like things are going right. As great as it may sound, not everything works out the way you would like it too once you have the crown. But having trust and a relationship with God can make those bumps a bit smoother!

Like a said, have a strong support system is great. You learn a lot about priorities and the people around you. Keep the ones that uplift, not tear you down. Because let’s remember, we always have a crown on our head whether we have won it or not!

Miss North Dakota International 2016, Taylor Woodruff

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