Fishing with God

Hello World!
 I sure have exciting news I want to share with you! Last Christmas I sent in 3 stories I had written to Insight (Adventist) Magazine and found out that they wanted to print one! I was beyond thrilled but had yet to wait a few months for it to come out. So this last February my story, “Fishing with God” was published on page three!
This last week I have received my personal copies from Pacific Press and also found out that they want to print a second one of the three I sent in! How cool is that! Two stories published in one year! That one will be coming soon but I would like to share with you my short story as it is not able to be found on their website.
I would also like to remind people of all ages to never pass up an opportunity. Amazing things can happen! This was an opportunity that was ran across me just over a year ago and here I am now! It is such a great feeling! So again, never doubt yourself and take the chance!

Taylor Woodruff- Your Miss North Dakota International 2016

Fishing with God
The wind blew mildly with a pinch of coldness that left my cheeks and ears more red than normal. I wore an oversized sweatshirt that reached my ankles and extended far past my wrists that shielded the rest of my body from the cold. Undesired by my mom, my hair loosely flew in my face because I refused to let her put it up. The smell of lake and fish infused into my nose as I held my three foot-long, Scooby-Doo fishing pole—ready to conquer. Perhaps my arms were still too short to cast out, but I knew how to reel in a line like it was something I had been doing all three years of my life.
            Determined to catch a fish, I stood as tall as I could and stared into the lake becoming hypnotized by the waves. Just when I was getting bored of no activity, I was jerked forward by my pole. Startled by the sudden movement, I quickly sat on the sun-warmed rocks, putting my weight against the pull and began reeling in my first fish. My pole bent half over and as my mother saw me desperately trying to reel in, she began to yell, “She’s got a fish! She’s got a fish! Where’s the net?” She frantically searched for the net and came running over. I saw the fish in the water about five feet away.
“Reel’er in, Tator!” I heard my family yell.
I shouted back, “I caught a fish! I got it!”
Worried I would lose grip of my new Scooby-Doo pole, my mother quickly scooped the well-sized White-Bass into the net but by then I was horrified by my mother’s frantic yelling and adrenaline that I began to cry. I no longer wanted to continue to fish. My family gave me high fives to encourage me and the next day when I heard my father telling the guys at the bait shop about my first fish and how proud he was, I could not wait to get back out there again!
            Though I am older now, I can still relate to this story in many ways. Maybe it is not my mother coming to rescue me or me reeling in a white-bass, but that God is here. Every day I wake up and preparing myself for the days challenges—ready to conquer. Perhaps I do not know everything, but I know where my strength comes from like a calf knows its mother.
            The everyday challenges tend to jerk me around but sometimes you just got to plant your feet and pull back to show who is boss, me or the “fish.” There may not always be sun-warmed rocks to support me causing the struggle to really be testing. I find myself on my knees desperately pulling back and afraid of losing grip. I do not want to fight anymore. Just when I think my strength of reeling in is dying, God then steps in with His net relieving me from the stress.
            Do you ever feel as though you are losing grip on life? I know I do, whether it is overwhelming stacks of homework, building relationships, or where to go for college. Things stack up and can feel crazy! I know that I am not strong enough to conquer all these things. But I try. Then whenever God comes running in with His net, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I hear the angels applauding in the background about my acceptance of God’s help.
 Getting older does not get easier I have found out.  The world’s pressure is tight and I feel like I have to be responsible for all the things in my life. The line is on me. But I have come to realize that it is not just on me, but God too. I make the decisions on where I fish, where I cast my line, and how. But I need someone else beside me saying “Reel’er in, Tator!” holding the net in order to have a successful catch.

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