Strong is the New Skinny

There has been many great outcomes and experiences that pageantry has given me. My most changed and impactful life change that pageants has given me is my health and fitness. Two and a half years ago I was eating Taco Bell and hot pockets every other day, and it was a regular thing for me. I have always been active and loved to participate in sports but never put anything in my body that was good for me.
The moment I decided I wanted to participate in my first pageant I was told that I was fat, overweight, too big, ect; and that I would never make it in the world of pageantry. Oh boy, did I ever prove those people wrong, and I went on to win the first pageant I had ever done. You don't need to be a size 0 or a size 2 to ever feel beautiful. Also, size is just a number, and it should not and does not matter; what matters is how you feel about yourself inside and out. I never was or have been overweight but I did put junk into my body all of the time, and I didn't change my eating habits for the people that body shamed me, I changed my eating habits to better myself and create a healthy, energized me. 
Strong IS the new skinny. Never let anyone put you down because of who you are inside and out. This is important to remember when competing, because once you start to compare yourself to others, you have already lost.
     With love and blessings,
Meghanne Quam
Miss Teen North Dakota International 2016

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