Double the Fun

Greetings everyone!! This is Ashley and Erica. We are excited to jointly give you an update on our last two appearances (although we have deeply missed our other sister queen Olivia). October 12th was UND’s Homecoming parade. We were involved in a way that matched our personalities very well. Instead of sitting in a car waving at the crowd as we slowly moved by, we went by foot! We were able to greet others with hugs and pictures and personally deliver candy to people of all ages. It was such a blast!

The following day we greeted beautiful brides and their friends and families at the front door of the Ramada Plaza & Suites Crystal Ballroom for the annual Bridal Fantasy Show! The event was full of positive energy, happy brides, fashion shows, dancing and various vendors ready to discuss their products and services that compliment every part of a wedding day. We were even there to witness the lucky bride and groom to win the $20,000 grand prize!

One of the highlights about the international system is being able to attend events together and share wonderful memories as sister queens.  And this weekend definitely encompassed that!

All our love,
Ashley and Erica

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