Twas the Night of all Hollows Eve:

Happy Halloween!

I’m sure you are all  eager to don your costume of choice for Halloween 2012 and eat endless amounts of candy…however I just wanted to bring to mind a couple of safety tips for the big night. Halloween is the third most dangerous day of the year when it comes to car accidents. According to media reports the number of children on the streets DOUBLES during this time of year! This means there will be twice as many pedestrians to watch out for, majority of them wearing dark costumes, many times easy to miss. By keeping in mind a couple of basic tips everyone is able to enjoy themselves and still stay safe! Be sure as drivers you are aware of the increase in pedestrians and take extra precautions in stopping at crosswalks and slowing down, especially in residential areas! For all you participating in the trick-or-treating be sure you are wearing some light colors mixed in with your costumes! Also stay in familiar areas and carry a flashlight.

While many children are busy participating in the usual festivities there are also adults who are in search of spooky entertainment. This is where majority of the problems come into play. One of the major concerns during holidays like this one is the increase in the amount of drunk drivers on the roads. The increase in pedestrians mixed with an increase in intoxicated drivers is what leads to the dangerous statistics presented earlier in this blog. According to some officials, “More than 30 people have been killed in crashes during the past eight Halloweens, and 2,200 have been injured. An astounding 40 percent of these accidents involve alcohol.” For this reason I urge everyone to take every precaution in staying safe this Halloween, and to remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Designate a driver, use public transportation, or call an alternate ride; the repercussions of an accident aren’t worth it! One destructive decision could change your life forever. Be smart. Be safe!

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