A Wonderful Month

October has flown by so fast which is sad because it is my favorite month! I had my birthday early this month and I had a great time. My friends and I went to the movie Pitch Perfect and then out to dinner. I then spent the rest of the night working on nursing homework. School for me is going great! The homework load is intense, but we are almost done with this semester and it feels great! It is going to be May before we know it and I will be graduating.

ALS Awareness has slowed down a little. The walks for North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota have come to an end for the year, but planning will be beginning soon for next year. I am already excited to get fundraising again and plan for the walks. My mom is still fighting stronger than ever, and I miss her every day. I have not been able to make it home since September, and I was only home for a few hours. I will be going home for Thanksgiving and I am so excited! I am also excited because I always go black Friday shopping and I know that will be a blast.

Here is a wonderful quote to get your week started:
“Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios.”

Love Always,
Miss North Dakota International
Erica Lemna

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