Saying Yes to the Dress...Pageant Style!

I had the most amazing weekend with my directors and pageant “sisters”! We had our photo shoot in Minneapolis and it was such a great experience. Kathy, Allison, Ashley, and I all rode down together. We talked the entire way down and it was so much fun learning more about everyone! We stayed at former Miss North Dakota Stacy Schaffer’s apartment and it was absolutely beautiful. On Friday, we were up bright and early. I got my hair done and was off to look at dresses for nationals! After trying on tons of dresses at The Pageant shop by Michaels I was off to my photo shoot! I had such a great time at the photo shoot, but who would have known how painful and exhausting they can be. Saturday consisted of more dress shopping at the Pageant Shop and believe it or not I said yes to the dress pageant style. The moment that I put on my dress I was in love and almost cried. I can’t wait until I get it and can show my entire family. Our group photo shoot was in the afternoon. Ashley, Olivia, and I are so close and we had such a great time! I can’t wait for everyone to see our photos. After our group photo shoot, we did a little shopping. We celebrated our director Allison’s birthday at Granite City and had a wonderful time. Before I knew it, it was Sunday and we were packing everything up. We stopped at one more dress store and then we were back on the road headed for home. I didn’t get back to Grand Forks till about 9:30 that night and was up very late trying to finish my homework.

My advice for this week is to remember to appreciate the people in your lives. Sometimes I think that people are so busy that they don’t realize how much people around them are helping them. Take a moment each day to remember to thank someone who has helped you or tell them how much they mean to you. Little words can speak great volumes to someone, and it is important that people know they are appreciated. I have been so appreciative for Kathy and Allison my directors. I didn’t know them at all until I showed up for our pageant weekend and they are the most amazing women! They do so much for me as a title holder and I feel like part of their family when I am with them. I already know how much work they do for me and it is just a wonderful feeling knowing that they are helping me prepare for nationals. They have families of their own and busy schedules, but they are ALWAYS there for me. I had such an amazing weekend with them and I didn’t even want it to end. I would never ask for anyone else to help me through this journey of being Miss North Dakota International. Kathy and Allison, words cannot express how thankful I am for all the things that you have done and will continue to do.

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