Kick off to 2012

My first official month as Mrs. North Dakota International is over! January was packed with scheduling, planning, decision making and more scheduling. There probably wasn’t a better way to finish off the month than our trip this past weekend to the cities. As I gave my husband a hug good bye Thursday after work, I told him how lucky I felt to go into this weekend knowing I will spend time with genuine, great women who I truly care about. Now, it would be expected that most ladies would be over the top excited about the make-up, photos, dresses etc…and to me, all of that was a BONUS. The real treat was spending the quality time with my beautiful queens Olivia (and her wonderful mother!) and Erica and our directors Allison and Kathy. The glitz and glam was definitely extravagant and the incredible team made me feel like a million bucks – or more!

We had our Go Red for Women Orientation Conference Call last Monday and I am so proud to now be a big part on educating others on how and why it is important to fight against heart disease. I have already learned so much about the American Heart Association and I cannot wait to learn more. If you don’t know much about it – this is a perfect week to learn more yourself! Please stop by Thursday, February 2nd from 10am – 3pm at West Acres in front of Macy’s for fun and educational activities (Share your story, Mini make-overs at Macy’s, learn hands-only CPR, My Life Check, prize drawings). Olivia, Erica and myself will also be there from 12:30pm – 2pm ready for pictures and lots of hugs! Remember that this Friday, February 3rd is national wear red day. Please honor those women who have lost their lives, empower women everywhere to prevent our number 1 killer and celebrate survivors who fought and won against heart disease. You can find all the details at

I hope to see you there!
~ Ashley Voigt

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