Little Moments

Hello again!

February is upon us and I have already had an eventful couple of weeks!! After returning from our awesome girl’s weekend in the cities spent, shopping, bonding, and of course more shopping, it was time to get back to school work and more pageant activities. My sister queens and I were stationed outside of Macy’s a couple weekends ago promoting the Go Red For Women Campaign. We had a blast taking pictures and informing passerby’s of how to live a heart healthy life. After our Macy’s appearance we had the pleasure of attending the annual Heart Ball put on by Go Red. We had such a great time at the ball raising money and awareness about heart disease. A couple of highlights for me were “modeling” the live auction pieces, which in my case included a cumbersome badger fur coat. Another highlight of the night was definitely the photo booth. Taking goofy pictures with the girls (as cliché as this may sound) produced memories that will last a lifetime. 

                Just last weekend my sister queens and I had the opportunity to judge a Girl Scout cookie contest at the West Acres mall. We spent a good majority of the afternoon held against our will, being forced to consume rare delicacies… just kidding! We actually had an awesome sampling the treats that these Girl Scout Troops had baked for us. The highlight of this appearance for me was when a little girl came up to me and asked me if she could wear my crown. Her eyes just lit up when I placed that crown on her head, and she was grinning ear to ear for the cameras. I asked her if she wanted to be a princess when she was older and she looked back and me and vigorously shook her head YES! Little moments like these are the ones that mean the most to a person. When you can see it in someone else’s eyes how much they look up to you, that is how you know what you’re doing is good. An unknown source once said, “It’s the little moments that make life big,” and I might be getting ahead of myself when I say that I hope to leave an impact on someone  throughout my lifetime; whether it be my family, my friends, or maybe even this little girl. I just hope that when all is said and done I have made a difference in the life of another person, because in the end, it’s the little moments strung together, that form our life-lasting memories.