Thrilling Thursdays!

 At Beyond Boundaries Therapy Services, we go 'beyond the boundaries' to empower our patients and families to fully participate in functional activities of daily life. We realize that our patients work so hard within therapy sessions to achieve their goals, so we wanted to find a way to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. One Thursday of each month we will be hosting a Family Fun Night within our private practice, free of charge, to provide a night full of fun and quality time for families to spend together! These events are not only used for motivation and reinforcement for our patients, but it is a way to honor their improvements and hard work ethic. It is important to note that the gains children can make are incomparable without the involvement and interaction of their parents. This event is also put on as a "thank you" to our families who help out so much by being involved, bringing their children to therapy, and following through with ideas and homework given.

February 9th was our first Thrilling Thursday and I have to say the event was a huge success! The theme for this month was “game night.” We celebrated by frosting valentine cookies, making crafts, playing Wii and Kinect, singing karaoke, creating popcorn mix, and decorating crowns with Mrs. North Dakota International! There are no words that can express the way we felt watching our little friends run around, enjoying “their very own party.” Not only did our families have a great time, but the staff at Beyond Boundaries had a blast as well. We are already looking forward to next month’s Thrilling Thursday! 

Making Valentine crafts

My little buddy and his decorated Beyond Boundaries crown!

Beginning our on-going collage (portion completed in February’s Thrilling Thursday: the first layer of the rainbow)

Group hug before the night is over!   

Until next time,
Ashley V. 
Mrs. ND International 2012

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