What is your talent?

Many of us will never know our strengths and weakness until we push ourselves into something new.For four years now a hobby of mine was singing. I wouldn’t consider myself the greatest but it’s what I go to in times of stress and just needing to take a break. Volunteering to sing at fundraising events is always fun. I remember my very first performance was performing at International night at NDSU. Bringing creative ways to introduce the Fargo-  Moorhead community different cultures from across the globe. From then on it was fundraising events and my most recent event was for the Hip Hop for Hope event at NDSU. Raising funds and awareness for the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center.
So now I ask, what is your talent? If you know what your talent is how are you using it to help others? You’d be amazed by how one can make a huge difference in lives by just sharing their gift. By volunteering to help others, skills and new trades can be developed. Connections can be made; this is something that I don’t think many people realize when they hear the word volunteering. I can’t say I would have felt this way when I was younger, I only saw volunteering in a very simple way. Help and go on your merry way but now being where I am today I have come a long way to realizing that this is not the case.
By volunteering to sing it has helped me ease my introverted ways and my stage fright. I feel like every time I perform my confidence just gets better and better. With this I can talk to strangers, get to know the people in my community and learn things that I haven’t learned before.My singing talent has only begun and on the 29th of April I will be singing an African song in the language Yoruba. This is an Annual event held by the African Student Association at NDSU to educate and show the beautiful african countries music, food and more. I am excited and looking forward to being an MC it’s something I have never done before. I think it is important to push yourself into positive things in life that you haven’t done before.
Though I may not know how I will do, I have confidence that I can do it and so that is all that matters. My favorite quote I would like to end with is by Erma Bombeck “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.” I don’t know what else I can do but I look forward to finding out! What’s your talent?

Carpe diem,
Wiljar Ojuro North Dakota International Ambassador 2017

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