Photoshoot Day!

Have you ever dreamed of getting your makeup applied perfectly (and having the most awesomely glossed lips!) as well as your nailed painted prettily?  How about getting your hair done (and then done again, and then being touched up every few minutes so every hair is in its place?) AND, the chance to wear your crown and sash all day long while taking a lot of photos?
Well, that was a dream of mine that I never thought would actually happen – but it did!
My “official” photoshoot as Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2017 was held at West 13th Salon in Fargo. I had to miss a day of school, which I was sad about, but in the end it was even better than a school day! (And that is coming from me…the girl who loves school and hates to miss a day!) 
My pageant directors, Janelle and Meg, spent the entire day with me – making sure I looked my best and helping me with tips along the way.
Janelle Finseth and her awesome crew at West 13th took great (actually MORE than great!) care of me. They were so professional and sweet.

I have to say that getting my hair and makeup done was pretty cool! I felt like a movie star. The hairspray smelled super good. At the end of the photoshoot, my hair was a little “crispy” from so much hairspray and it even hurt a little bit from so many fingers touching it! But it was delicious smelling and the scent reminded me of all the fun I had on this special day.
Ludvik Herrera, our photographer, was super nice and easy to work with. Poor Ludvik…he had a hard time getting me to make a face that wasn’t smiley! I’m a pretty smiley girl, so those were the most difficult shots for me. I also had to do poses that were a bit silly or strange, but those photos were some of the ones I ended up liking best!

I had six outfit changes. Four of the outfits were just for my individual photoshoot. The other two were for photos with my sister queens, Wiljar, Angelina, Siam and Payton.  We are all ambassadors for the American Heart Association this year, and some of our photos will be used in their promotional materials throughout the year.  I think that is pretty cool!  And a group photo of us may even make the cover of the 2018 pageant program book! How fun is that?!
My sister queens and I had a lot of fun together! We were all cracking jokes and trying to make each other smile during our shoots. I couldn’t believe when it was all over! Even though we were there all day…the time went by so quickly and it was so much fun.
The images from my official photoshoot will be a wonderful reminder of not only the fun I had that day, but the amazing opportunities that I have before me this year as Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International.  The photos will help bring back all the emotions and excitement of this incredible year. I am truly blessed.

Alexis Thompson
Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2017

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