Prom Hair & Makeup by Mrs. North Dakota International

It's Prom season in Wahpeton, North Dakota! And it’s a BIG DEAL. Everyone looks forward to Grand March {You know, where the whole town gets together and the couples walk out and everyone "ooohs and ahhs" and takes pictures}. If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, don't worry, I've been there. I had no idea what Grand March was when I moved to North Dakota. My high school had way too many students for something like that. I didn't understand it at first, but now, I look forward to it! I have loved seeing students from our youth group and girls from my dance class have their special moment! This year, I decided to get even more involved in the festivities of Prom.

It all started with a fundraising idea. 

A few months ago I was racking my brain trying to figure out ways to raise money for nationals. I wanted to do something new and creative that would allow me to connect with more youth in my community. In the past, I have used GoFundMe and social media for my fundraising, but this year I wanted to try something new. After much thought, I decided to put my hair & makeup skills to use.

I don’t claim to be a professional, but I do have a lot of hands on experience. With two busy parents growing up and my picky sense of style, I learned how to “groom myself” from a very young age. I learned to curl my own hair in the 3rd grade. Since then, I was always fascinated with doing my hair and friends’ hair. I wasn’t allowed to wear real makeup until middle school, but I was involved with the mime team at my church and learned how to do clown makeup on myself at a very young age. (that counts, right?!) Once I was finally allowed to wear real makeup, I wore it every day from 7th grade until now! From theatre class to school fashion shows and dance recitals, I loved doing people’s makeup. I learned how to do makeup professionally at 18 years old when I became a professional cheerleader. Everyone on the team was required to know how to do their own hair & makeup for games. We all took workshops from a salon to learn the proper techniques. On game days, we would be inspected by members of salon and our coach before we could go out on the field. If our hair & makeup wasn’t up to their standard, we had to redo it until it was. I remember putting on fake lashes in the back of a tent in 100 degree weather - talk about skills!   

I’ve always had the ability to do hair and makeup, but never looked for an opportunity until now. I decided to put myself out there and provide hair & makeup services to high school girls at a reasonable price. I hung up flyers around town and right away people were contacting me to be part of their big day. I held my little business in a room at a local hotel. This past weekend I got to work with three ladies for Prom. The best part is that while I spend 2 hours with them, I get to talk to them and learn more about their lives. I enjoyed getting to know each one of them and I feel like I walked away with 3 new friends. They were all so sweet!

Special thanks to Rhaeghn who agreed to be my model. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?! 

Something that started out as a simple fundraising idea turned out to be a great way to meet some amazing young ladies in my community. It was so fun going to Grand March and seeing these girls enjoy their moment. In a small way, I got to be part of the moment with them. I got to help them shine. That feeling is priceless. 

Until Next Time,

Angelina Yarbrough
Mrs. North Dakota International 2017

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