Introducing Miss Teen ND International 2013...Grace Sproule

There's something about having that sparkly ornament placed on your head. Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of having the opportunity to hold that responsibility. This past month I was granted that dream, and I can hardly wait to see what this year has in store for me and my fellow "sisters". When I was crowned, I felt something that I never had before. Holding the two girls hands besides me so tightly while we waited to hear the announcement was nothing but a thrill. When I heard my name called, I felt like I just froze. Was this real? As I walked to the center to have the crown placed on my head, I was ecstatic. I found my family in the crowd and gave them one of the biggest smiles to ever be had. It was they who had gotten me to that point. All the shopping, all the conversations about my platform, the interviews and most importantly the never ending love and support that was always there no matter what.

I will never forget after the pageant when my family came onto the stage and my sister asked what my initial thought was when my name was called? At that point I was still just so speechless, and then she said exactly what she had thought. She said she and my family were on the edges of their seats when the words "contestant number 8" were called. She started counting from the start of the line to see who the winner was before they announced the name.  With the runners up previously called, we were no longer in our exact order,so she had a second of disappointment right before they said my name. We have shared a few laughs over this! 

Something that I never thought would happen while competing in a pageant, was how much I would learn about myself. I gained so much more from this than just the crown. I feel that I really grew from this experience, and I can't thank everyone whose helped me enough. I'm so thankful this journey has finally begun for me! 


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