Introducing Mrs. ND International 2013...Jen Mauch

Mark 9:23: Everything is possible for him who believes. 

I came across that verse a few days before the pageant. I was second guessing myself as to why I was doing this. But I felt then, as I did when my dear friend Carolyn first contacted me, that there was and still is a much larger reason why I am doing this. Our role on this earth is to serve God, we are put here to do his work and share his love with others. We must use the gifts and talents He has given us. I've touched lives already during the beginning months of my journey towards the Mrs. North Dakota International Pageant. I also truly found myself and finally gained my confidence back. I had the amazing love and support of my family and friends. They BELIEVED in me! 

The pageant weekend was absolutely amazing, at that point I knew I had already grown and experienced so much more than I would have had I not entered. I met some of the most amazing women and made some wonderful friends! And I was so honored to sit across from all of the judges, and to meet Sarah Bazey, Mrs. International 2013 and Kristin Wanous  I decided by Friday night that it really didn't matter if I walked away with the crown on my head, the true crown is in my heart. I made a conscious decision to just soak in every moment of the weekend and enjoy it. 

My mind was full of many things that weekend, from every pageant detail to the following Monday when my daughter was scheduled to have surgery on her leg....not knowing for sure what the doctors would be removing from her leg. 

When my name was announced as Mrs. ND International 2013 I had an unbelievable amount of emotion going through me. The photo of me being crowned truly captures those emotions. When I see that photo, I can honestly remember how I felt at that moment. I am so blessed and honored to be representing our great state.

Two days later our daughter's doctor came to tell us after a short surgery that the mass they removed from her leg was simply some scar tissue. I just continue to realize how blessed we was really a surreal few days. 

I will end with one of my favorite quotes from a young man we came across one evening at TJ Maxx, "It's not always about the destination, it's about the journey."

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