Parent Empowerment

As a Speech Language Pathologist there is no greater satisfaction than parents who understand the power they hold in their hands as they search for any and all answers that can benefit their child. These parents understand they are gatekeepers for their children as they consider life changing options for their child’s future. These are parents who take on the responsibility and strive to make their child’s world a better place. This is what “Parent Empowerment” is all about.

A few examples of parent empowerment are:
·         Parents who are involved in their child’s life through personal interactions.
·         Parents who ask for help when they see issues, so their child can be provided the tools necessary to make their life as complete as possible.
·         Parents who strive to do the very best for their children despite the challenges their child may face.
·         Parents who seek out any and all resources to build positive futures for their children.

A parent becomes “empowered” when they educate themselves so they are armed with the knowledge and information in order to open doors and make a difference in their child’s life.

The opposite of being empowered is a parent who elects to not seek options or become educated in what choices may be available. Sadly, a parent who chooses to not empower themselves is penalizing the child more than anyone. It is not the parents, it is not the professionals….it is the child who suffers. I can’t think of a greater gift than making a difference in a child’s life through parental support and positive role models. My commitment as Mrs. North Dakota International 2012 is to continue using my passion and experience to promote education and advocacy for speech and language development and the positive impact parent involvement has in children’s lives.

 Ashley Voigt
Mrs. ND International 2012

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