Happy Winter Everybody!

Snow [snoh] noun: formed directly from the freezing of the water vapor in the air(aka the white stuff)

Happy winter everybody!!

Crazy how now, two months after Christmas, Mother Nature has finally decided to grace us with a couple feet of snow. I just hope everybody else is enjoying it as much as my brothers are. I came home last night to find an intricate fort standing where I last remembered my front yard to be. At least some people are enjoying it! Unfortunately with these snowy conditions comes the scary reality of icy road conditions. It always seems that after those first initial snowflakes fall, the crash reports on the news follow close behind. While many times the roads are to blame, sometimes I can’t help but wish maybe the driver would have taken more precautions. I’m sure you’ve all heard these many times over, however it is better to analyze these tips as a forewarning, rather than as causation after the fact. Simple fixes, like slowing down, allowing extra time to be somewhere, and driving on the defensive are key tips to surviving the winter roads. 

According to the ND department of motor vehicles, “Majority of winter crashes are caused by driving too fast for the conditions.” This is why they suggest having an idea of the road conditions before you go anywhere. By getting an idea ahead of time this will allow you to more accurately determine your estimated travel time. However always assume it will take longer than you think, this way you aren’t caught rushing to arrive somewhere on time. As for the last tip, driving on the defensive, this one is pretty key. Even though YOU may be adjusting your driving style to accommodate conditions, that doesn’t mean that everyone else has. Just be on the lookout for cars sliding through intersections (this is why you slow down). Taking that extra couple of seconds to ensure that the car approaching will be able to stop, could end up benefitting you in the long run.  

I will leave you with a quote, something Tommy Lasorda once said; “Driving is like baseball, it’s the one who gets home safely that counts”

Enjoy the snow and drive safe everybody
Olivia Naylor
Miss Teen ND International 2012

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