Protection of North Dakota Marriages

As an advocate of marriage tools and building stronger families, it has come as a delightful surprise to me that a marriage/divorce bill was recently proposed.  This bill has been issued by Senator Oley Larsen and the specifics are as listed.
 This bill would provide for a 12 month waiting period before a divorce would be granted, when children are a part of the family. Mandatory counseling would be required before the divorce would be granted after the 12 month period.
I have quickly jumped into action to join and support this mission to protect our children and encourage healthy resolutions.  Our Senators need support and your voices can and will make a difference. Families are a resource that has to be protected. 
We sure could use some help on this divorce bill. Do you have other people who could email our committee members and tell them to support this bill? We will be discussing it in committee next week and many people want to kill the bill. If you had divorced or nearly divorced people who could tell their stories, that would be great. They should send the stories to Sen. David Nething  Sen. Curt Olafson  Sen. Stan Lyson  Sen. Ron Sorvaag and Sen. Margaret Sitte
The time has come to rally for our children!
Shelle M.

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