Siam's Crowning Moment

The smell of hairspray, sweaty palms, and nervous women filled the Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre. “Now for the Miss Category…” the booming voice fled through the speakers. Just as rehearsed, we all came forward into the intense spot light of the stage. There I was joining hands with women who we had just met less than 24 hours ago but had already established a life long bond. The comfort we found in each other proved that I was in entering a family instead of a pageant system. “Your first runner up…” Nerves began to settle in, and a split second of relief. Then it began, the remainder of the beautiful group of women joined hands again. I could feel my pulse in my toes and hear the beating of my heart in my ear drums. “Your Miss North Dakota International 2017…” Has any man ever told you that the longest moment in their life is the moment they wait for the girlfriend to respond to the question, “will you marry me?”, imagine that anticipation but in a split second I was filled with tranquility. Peace filled my body for I knew that it if this crown was for meant for me and my platform it was in Gods’ hands and will. I knew that every single woman on that stage was beyond deserving of the crown. The moment I heard my name my heart filled with joy, my eyes swelled with tears, and a smile from ear to ear. A true moment of relief and disbelief. I could not help but to reach for the first open arms to find comfort and share my pure bliss. I could hear my friends and family cheering in the crowd their voices carried their pride. I was twirled around from left to right, smiling for one flash to the next. Meeting so many amazing current queens, former queens, and sponsors. The moment I was able to hug and thank my family for being there, I was over the moon. I was so overwhelmed with the support my family had showed for me and my platform. This journey is no longer mine, it’s ours.

Forever and Always,
Siam Simpfenderfer, Miss North Dakota International 2017

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