Volunteering for the Holidays

Greetings world!
            The holiday season is approaching and I cannot wait to celebrate!
This time of year it feels like there is always so much going on whether it is preparing for your pageant (which is a handful in itself), making plans with family and friends, shopping, perhaps finals, and constant weather changes ( at least in North Dakota).
Something that many people forget about this time of year is that it is a prime time to get out and volunteer! Like I mentioned, there is so much going on and people are looking for volunteers left and right! Whether it is bell ringing for the salvation army ( one of my personal favorites), Santas elves at the mall, a tree carrier at a tree farm, food banks ( this is their busiest time of year), and shelters as the weather changes.
            My challenge to you these holidays is to grab a group of people, whether it is your parents, siblings, friends, or pageant directors/sisters, get out and volunteer a couple of hours of your time. You won’t regret it! Not sure how to get involved or where to look, send me a message and I will help you find something close to you!
One extra hand, one extra giving heart, and one extra smile can make the difference our communities need.
I hope you all get out of your comfort zone and do just that! I would love to hear about your experience!

Your  Miss North Dakota International 2016
Taylor Woodruff

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