Salvation Army Bell Ringing with My Sister Queens

Hello World!

In my last blog post I discussed the several ways to get involved in the community this

holiday season and today I want to tell you how I did just that!

As mentioned before, one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to bell

ring for the Salvation Army—this year I did just that! I was invited to bell ring at a local grocery

store with several of our 2017 North Dakota contestants and I had a blast! Bell ringing is one of

my favorite things to do because it is easy to sign-up, it is a great thing to do with family or

friends, and everyone knows about it! What made this year so fun was being able to do it with

girls I hardly knew or did not know at all. These girls with their local titles took time out of their

weekend to make a difference in our Fargo community and that just warms my heart. Each one

of them will be competing this January at our state pageant and it was so fun getting to know

them, their platforms, and how they decided to join our international family.

During our time ringing, we got to talk with several people, share our platforms, and

gained friendships. It truly was a wonderful time and it really brought me back to why pageants

are so fun—the friendships. Each person I have met along this journey has influenced my life

and I love that I get to meet these people while also doing what I love, volunteering. Each day

we have the ability to build our communities whether it is with a smile, one extra helping hand,

and one extra giving heart, we can better this Holiday season.

I have already scheduled my next bell-ringing time for the Salvation Army at and you can too!

For only a little while longer,

Your Miss North Dakota International 2016

Taylor Woodruff

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