Meghanne's Father's Day thank yous!

 Father’s Day is a day where I get to celebrate the two most influential men in my life, my step-dad, Kevin, and my dad, Nick. They both have been a HUGE part of my life for many years/my entire life. Father’s Day is usually split between giving one of my dads a gift and then hanging out with the other dad for the day. It switches up each year so neither one of them feels left out.

       Kevin has been a part of my life since I was 3 ½ years old. He has been the ULTIMATE pageant dad and has given me the most amazing support a girl could ask for. Thank you Kevin.

       Dad has been my rock, he has taught me discipline, how to stay organized, and most important, how to fish. He is the man of the outdoors and I love spending time with him fishing and jet skiing.

       Both of these men have influenced my life in so many ways and I can't thank them enough for the endless love, support, and help they have given me throughout the years. I hope to make each of them feel special this Father’s Day, and no I can’t share what I got them just in case they are reading this. 

I hope everyone has a blessed and great Father’s Day in which ever way it's celebrated.

    With love,

Miss Teen North Dakota International
Meghanne Quam

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