Lessons learned!

I am wrapping up my summer with the topic of lessons learned. This summer has been an adventure to say the least and here are some helpful tips from mistakes that I have learned from.
1.)   ELEVATE, elevate, elevate… and then elevate some more! During my trip to New York we walked all day every day (in heels), and I didn’t properly elevate my feet and eat enough protein. By the end of the week my feet were the size of baseballs and I took that lesson learned to nationals with me. I elevated my feet every night and ate plenty of protein to ensure that I didn’t have swollen feet for any of my competition days.
2.)   There is never enough time! You may think you are prepared and 100% packed until you step into the airport and realize you forgot 10 things. I know that this is a simple one, but time management was a huge practice of mine all summer. Triple check every inch of your travel plans before you step foot out of your home to lessen stress. I juggled two jobs, preparing for college and two out-of-state trips this summer and it has been the best time management experience for me by far.
3.)   Cut out sugars! Yes, this sounds awful but I was having a very hard time getting to my fitness goal before nationals. By cutting out excess sugar, corn syrup, and unnatural sweeteners, I was able to reach my goal in no time! Of course I love Peach-O’s and cupcakes, but that’s why I saved them for last and enjoyed the best sugar filled meal of my life after finals night. Believe me, it’s worth it.
That finishes my few lessons learned during the summer of 2016! If it happens once it’s a mistake, if it happens twice it’s a choice.
Miss Teen North Dakota International 2016
Meghanne Quam 

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